Gender: Female Meaning of Adeline: "noble, nobility" Origin of Adeline: French, diminutive of Adele Adeline's Popularity in 2019: #91

Adeline Origin and Meaning

The name Adeline is a girl's name of French origin meaning "noble, nobility".

Adeline originated as a French diminutive of Adele, which came from the Germanic root adal, meaning “noble.” Adeline was introduced to England by the Normans in the eleventh century, was very common during the Middle Ages, then vanished until the Victorian Gothic revival. Common variants of Adeline include Adalynn, Adalyn, Adelyn, Adelynn, Adelina, and Adaline.

Adeline has a lovely, old-fashioned "Sweet Adeline" charm, but has become so popular in the US under so many spellings and variations -- with Adalynn and Adalyn also popular -- that considered together it is among the most popular girls' names.

Adeline was introduced to England by the Normans in the eleventh century, was very common during the Middle Ages, then vanished until the Victorian Gothic revival.

The song "Sweet Adeline" Is an old barbershop quartet favorite. JFK's grandfather John F. Fitzgerald, mayor of Boston, made it his theme song, and Mickey Mouse serenaded Minnie with it in a 1929 cartoon.

Pronounced ad-a-line in America, it's usually ad-a-LEEN in France.

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Rank in US: #91

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Famous People Named Adeline

Pop Culture References for the name Adeline

Lina, Adaline, Adelyn, Adelynn, Adelaine, Aline, Delina, Adlynn, Adlina, Adelynne, Adella, Delyne, Deline, Adalina, Adelita, Adelind,

Adeline's International Variations

Adette (French) Adelina (Slavic)


Daiseymae Says:


Yes, I know. I speak French.

cj85 Says:


It's also pronounced Ad-ah-leen. It's a French name. The US isn't the only place in the world that uses this name.

Happyflower Says:


We chose this spelling for our DD because it gives us the impression if sounding like "Ad-el-ine".
Its an old name and she gets many compliments on it.💐

QueenieGuldbaek Says:


You could use the French pronunciation, Ad-el-EEN.

penelope_lynson Says:


I love it! I pronounce it with the French pronunciation.

bubblegumgirl Says:


There's no "correct" or "incorrect" way of spelling names, there's only a "common" spelling and "uncommon" spelling. If your name was "Jaimes" and someone told you it was spelled incorrectly, how would that feel? Same for pronunciation, too.

QueenieGuldbaek Says:


I prefer Ad-e-LEEN.

Aurelius Says:


People can spell and pronounce their names however they want (even if I'm rather not fond of the spelling or pronunciation.)

Daiseymae Says:


Pretty name! One of my all time favorites!

Daiseymae Says:


I had a few cousins who went by your pronunciation.

Kaylon O. Centres Says:


Hers is even pronounced incorrectly, unfortunately. It'll be interesting to see how her next generation gets their name butchered.

Kaylon O. Centres Says:


That name has no trace of Evelyn in it.

Kaylon O. Centres Says:


Crazy that anyone would pronounce it Evelyn when they don't look or sound remotely similar.

Kaylon O. Centres Says:


Add-a-line is not the new way of saying it. My great-great grandmother and first cousin twice removed, have this name and it's pronounced Add-a-line, though one spells it Adelyne.

Abbott Says:


There is no need to be rude.

bethlena Says:


But people don't pronounce Jasmine Jaz-mine, they pronounce it Jaz-min ?

bordercollie Says:


Gorgeous and feminine, but ridiculously popular when you take into account all the variations, from Addalyn to Adelyn to Adaline.

Sophie5678 Says:


I know one baby with this name, I think it is adorable !!!

NameLover 11 Says:


I love this name!!

NameLover 11 Says:


Love it!!All the Addie names are great!!

hellosmile Says:


The only Adeline I know is from Guatemala, and she pronounced it "Ad-a-leen-ae", so whenever I read this name, that's how it reads in my head.
Be it the original "Ad-a-LEEN", the more popular "Ad-a-LINE", the one most people seem to be arguing about, "Ad-a-LYN", or my friend's "Ad-a-leen-ae", I think its a pretty name, especially with this spelling. I wouldn't change the spelling to get the pronunciation you want, either.

Fluffykitten101 Says:


It's a blend of many names that I love: Madeline, Aveline, Evelyn and Adele!

abliss Says:


This name reminds me of the Elliott Smith song that I love. I wish I could name our daughter this

headintheclouds Says:


Love this name. There's an air of gravitas and solemnity to Adeline that makes me think of an Adeline would be a wise-beyond-her-years dark-haired little girl. It's such a timeless name- I can imagine it on all ages and I LOVE the way it's spelled, it just looks so sleek and elegant.

Pronunciation-wise, though, I can see how (as other comments point out) there would be multiple pn-confusion all around. I say it as "a-deh-leen" or "a-deh-linn" (I dislike the more "phonetic" spelling variants Adelyn, Adalynn etc. though). The "a-deh-line" pn personally is more intuitive to me when the name is spelled as Adaline, as in the eponymous Blake Lively character of The Age of Adaline movie.

lissrose30 Says:


I love this name. Especially since it has the same meaning as my name.

AngieMif Says:


Our daughter's name is Adeline Grace, pronounced "Add-ah-line" - paired with little brother, Theodore (Teddy) Jude. Adeline is very unusual where we live and we always get the comment that people have never heard it before, but that it's very beautiful. I've only had a handful of people pronounce her "Add-ah-leen" (this was a French lady, funnily enough) or "Add-ah-lynn." Once I clarify it though, they never make the same mistake again. I mostly call her by her full name Adeline, but occasionally I'll call her by the nickname Della; this is because her Maltese great-grandmother can't pronounce her name, so calls her "Della-line", which I find so endearing. There is also a movie called "The Age of Adaline" and the character gets called Della too! I highly recommend this name to anyone considering it :)

PaleJewel Says:


My 2.5-year-old is Adeline Daisy. So far, everyone has pronounced it correctly (add-uh-line); very pleasantly surprised no one has assumed it was Adalyn (which I cannot stand!!). People we know sometimes forget her name, though, and call her Adelaide, which kind of annoys me. I guess it's the more familiar name. My husband occasionally calls her Addie, but I'm not a big fan, so I always say Adeline.

Daiseymae Says:


My apologies to you also. This conversation has officially ended.

Daiseymae Says:


I am a lot older than you think! Back then most people said Add-a-line. Adalyn is a new pronunciation. Most Americans don't say it as Ad-a-leen. Je parle Francais aussi! I have studied names for over 30 years. That was the main pronunciation back then. My great-aunts were born in the 1890s, and they were alive when I was little. They even talked about the song "Sweet Adeline". You sound like you born in the 80s. I don't care about the French pronunciation either. I am talking about the United States.

iipostmvh Says:


I think the problem with pronunciation may come from Madeline (often pronounced lyn).

Daiseymae Says:


The other pronunciations are rather new. From 1880 to 1970, Ad-a-line was the most popular way to say this name. I have over 5 Adelines in my family born before 1930. The said it like the song "Sweet Adeline". LINE at the end too.

Ad Roc Says:


Hi. If you are considering this name, you need to be prepared for mispronunciations. Mine is pronounced the French way, A-deh-leen, but since I moved to the UK, so many people here call me, A-deh-line. It drives me mad. I loved having a unique name though and did not meet another Adeline until I was 19 which was kind of cool. Lots of possible nicknames too; Ad, Addy, Ads...

Michaela Says:


Adeline and Viridis were the names of two of my dolls when I was a kid. Addy & Virie. This name holds nostalgia for me.

kpearl8 Says:


Dear God, calm down. She merely said that she can understand how people who haven't heard the name before might pronounce it that way, she made no claim whatsoever about how it should be pronounced. I am a college-educated fairly well read young person, and I wasn't absolutely sure how to say this name because I've never met anyone called Adeline or heard it often. It's a simple matter of exposure, not ignorance or intelligence. Besides, your own argument works against you. English has a complicated and inconsistent spelling system so that a spelling can have multiple pronunciations and vice versa. It's completely understandable that an educated English speaker could come to an unfamiliar word or name and think of several possible pronunciations. Stop sounding so intolerant.

Essa Says:


I don't think you can argue a names pronunciation with 'for most Americans...' as somebody had to start pronouncing it that way in the first place exactly the same way people have done with the pronunciation 'add-a-lyn'.

PS. I'm all for the 'add-a-line' pronunciation.

James Says:


So your name is spelled incorrectly (it's supposed to be Jacqueline), and your daughter's name is pronounced incorrectly. Sounds like a good fit.

James Says:


That's like saying "cough" should be pronounced "cuff" because it ends the same way as "tough." Oh wait, but what about "plough?" Should cough be pronounced cow? And dough!! Maybe cough should be ko! Koff, cuff, cow, or ko? Amish and famish, all and shall, aid and plaid, baked and naked.... on and on. Just pronounce it the way it's supposed to be pronounced so you don't sound ignorant.

HayleyArielle Says:


Thats a very rude thing to say. There is no need to stereotype one's sensitivity (or anything, for that matter) based on their age, regardless if they are under or over 25.

Jessica De Mumbrum Says:


Take it easy. People under 25 are very sensitive.

adelinejane Says:


My name is Adeline and I sometimes get the French version of Ad-a-leen, but I HATE it when I get Adalynn. I also really don't like the nickname Addie, so I just go by Adeline because I love it! Vintage, cute yet mature.

indiefendi2 Says:


I think it's gorgeous when pronounced Adel EEN instead of "line". The Adelin spelling from Romania I probably like more.

goatmanor Says:



Megarebegga Says:


I love the name Adeline!! I much prefer it to the alternative, Adelaide.

marythefourth Says:


I really, really want to love this name, but I can't get past the fact that it sounds like a sentence. "Your essay's too short. Add a line!"
I also wish I could like the name Adele, but that old computer commercial runs through my head every time I hear it. "It's a Dell!"
Too bad, because they are both pretty names. Anyone else have this problem?

Daiseymae Says:


Go with Adelynn if you want it pronounced that way.

Daiseymae Says:


For most Americans it has been. If you like the French pronunciation, you can sound more sophisticated.

Daiseymae Says:


For most Americans, they pronounce is Ad-a-line.

Shannonsmith6 Says:


I actually prefer Adelynn over Adeline. While both are pretty to me, I like the 'lynn' over 'line.' it's all about preferences.

Jacquline Says:


My name is "Jacquline" which is pronounced as "lynn" not "line" my daughter is Adeline and we also pronounce it as "lynn" not "line" I like the spelling and it's similar to mine.

Aliannoz Says:


My name is Jacqueline and is pronounced Jack-a-lyn. I can see why people would apply the same pronunciation to Adeline.

Catastroffy Says:


The pronunciation has not always been "Add-a-Line", actually. It's authentically pronounced "Ad-del-een".

Guest Says:


I don't know why people say lyn when it directly says line. Now leen I could understand. I adamantly agree with you about if you want Adalyn spell it Adalyn. It's that simple!

Daiseymae Says:


Most Americans pronounce it as "Add-a-Line", and in French it would be" Ah-da-leene". The new spin on is" Add-a-lyn" for the younger crowd. If anyone can remember the famous song "Sweet Adeline". They say "Add-a-Lne".

AnonymousPerson Says:


...Like more-or-less every name, Adeline has many different pronunciations - with no change of spelling - depending on the country, and the taste of the parents. I don't pronounce it one way, I pronounce it how it is pronounced in the case of the individual. "Add-ell-een", "add-ell-ine", and "add-el-inn" are all just as much Adeline as the other.

HollyMaxSpencer Says:


I've actually never met anyone named Adeline in person. It's a great choice!

HollyMaxSpencer Says:


I've always pronounced it Add-el-een

Laenee Says:


Adeline is my name, I have always loved it. It works as a child or an adult and I am often complimented on it. Also, we have 7 generations in a row in our family named Adeline, including my daughter, Addie - who is Adeline VII. Love love love our name - and we of course pronounce it ADD-A-line. the mispronunciations I usually get are Add-a Lynn or Evelyn or Aide-a-Leen, my least favorite.

Daiseymae Says:


You should see the bozos on other sites that can't even pronounce it right. They are mostly kids who have never heard of the name. At least there are some of you who know how to say it properly.

SparkleNinja18 Says:


I am also 25 and wouldn't pronounce it any other way.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I am under 25, and I know Adeline is pronounced add-a-line. Where did you come up with"people under 25" ?! I've always known how Adeline was pronounced.

Daiseymae Says:


The pronunciation has always been Add-a-Line not Adalyn. Why mess up a classic name like this? Use Adalyn if you want it pronounced that way.

Daiseymae Says:


I find it annoying when people change the spelling and even the pronunciation of this name. It is Add-a-Line. That is the way that is has always been pronounced. People under 25 often don't know this for some reason.

pegasusoverunicorns Says:


My name pronounced add-a-line. Honestly find the pronunciation Adalyn annoying and childish, but probably due to the fact that people often mispronounce my name as such. If you want Adalyn, spell it Adalyn

jleem16 Says:


I like this name, but pronounced "Adalyn". This spelling is so much prettier.

laury Says:


If only this name wasn't so popular...I love it.