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Gender: F Origin of Lilac: English, from Persian, flower and color name

Could Lilac be the next Lila or Lily or Violet? It certainly has a lot going for it--those lilting double 'l's, the fabulous fragrance it exudes, and the fact that it's a color name as well, providing a ready made nursery theme. In addition, the lilac is symbolic of first love.

Actor Stephen Moyer was ahead of the curve when he named his daughter Lilac in 2002.

Famous People Named Lilac

Lilac Emery-Haynes, daughter of British actor Stephen Moyer
Tallulah Lilac Morgan (b. 2004), daughter of actress Jessie Wallace and Dave Morgan

Pop Culture References for the name Lilac

Lilac, from the movie "Jam"
Lilac, from the anime and manga "Recovery of an MMO Junkie"
Lilac LaRoux, from the fictional book "These Broken Stars"
Lilac, from the Chemical Garden Trilogy
Lilac, the name used for very light gray points on a cat with a pointed coat

Lilac's International Variations

Syrin, Suren (Scandinavian) Lilas, Lilah (French) Siryen (Russian) Flieder (Yiddish)