Nameberry’s Newest Arrivals Announced!

Nameberry’s Newest Arrivals Announced!

Our January birth announcements are in, and they’re the perfect way to set the baby name scene for the decade ahead!

Despite the wintry weather, nature names abounded in January. Angelica, Banks, Elder, Fox and Lilac were all used for new Berry babes, with older siblings’ names including cool natural picks like August, Cloud, Everest, Pearl, River, Sirius and Violet.

Unusually for Nameberry, there were more than twice as many boys announced in January as girls, including one set of all-boy twins, Wesley and Oscar, and two baby boys given the handsome Scandinavian name Soren.

And last (but never least), longtime member @jeaneenl announced the arrival of her tenth child! Best of luck, Jeaneen and family!

Girl Names

Angelica Joy, sister to Grace, Havilah, Grant, Arielle, Beatrice, Timothy, Bridget, William and Penelope

“Had so many other name ideas during her pregnancy but this name came to us at the last minute and it celebrates her Christmas time birth, and I just loved how it rolls off your tongue with a melodic sound, reading about the herb/flower Anfelica that grows in Iceland and its many uses.”

Mirabelle Lilac Anastacia Eve, sister to Atticus Nathanial and Catriona Primrose Saoirse Jane

“We chose Mirabelle because of its meaning (Marvelous, since she was a marvelous surprise). We also wanted to honor my husband’s mama whom passed away recently, and couldn’t find a version of Mary we loved. We figured Mirabelle was a mirror flip with the vowels of Mary (and change of the “i” and “y”) – so this provided a subtle nod to her gram.”

Zara Beatrix Quinn, sister to Alyssa, Francesca, Thea and Zander (known by his middle name, Fox)

Zara was on the list for our last but it had been largely discarded by OH as our eldest best friend is called the same. But in the end it didn’t matter, she was almost Lara but Zara has more pizazz!”

Boy Names

Banks Hudson, brother to Forde Calloway

“He joins elder brother Forde Calloway, who absolutely adores his baby Banksy!”

Flynn Knox, brother to Hudson Everest, Nolan Diesel and Landon Crew

Oscar Edward, twin of Wesley Albert and brother to Pearl Violet

Otto Christopher, brother to August Henry (Auggie)

“Big thanks to everyone who helped on our post in the Forums!”

Simon Patrick, brother to Liam Anthony and Rosaline Joy

“We debated his name a lot and eventually decided on Simon Patrick. Sweet Simon has stolen everyone’s heart already.”

Soren Elder, brother to Ronan Fox, Theodore River and Abraham Sirius (Bram)

Soren Fox, brother to Lorian Cloud

“My husband and I went through the top 1000 names and Soren was the only one we both liked. We wanted his middle name to be a one-syllable nature name like his brother’s. We didn’t settle on Fox until Soren was a couple of days old, but it suits him perfectly and I’m so happy with where we landed.”

Viggo Edmund, brother to Boaz Joel

“He is spending some time in the NICU but is, so far, progressing very well. We are so excited to welcome him into our family and very much looking forward to when he can come home!”

Wesley Albert, twin of Oscar Edward and brother to Pearl Violet

Congratulations all round!

Which is your favorite first name, name combo and sibset from our fabulous January birth announcements? What name would you choose for a January baby? Let us know!

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