Gender: Female Meaning of Thea: "goddess, godly" Origin of Thea: Greek Thea's Popularity in 2019: #293

Thea Origin and Meaning

The name Thea is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "goddess, godly".

Thea is a diminutive of names ending in -thea, including Dorothea, Althea, and Anthea. It is also the Anglicized spelling of Theia, the Titan of sight, goddess of light, and mother of the moon. She was the consort of Hyperion, and mother of Helios, Selene, and Eos.

Whether pronounced THEE-a or THAY-a or TAY-a, Thea presents an appealing artistic image, sensitive and serene.

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Rank in US: #293

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Pop Culture References for the name Thea

Tia, Theida, Theia, Tiah, Thida, Tea, Theta, Thia, Teah, Theolan


AliceTiger Says:


I ADORE this name. My future daughter is so going to be called this!
I say it like Thee-uh. I don’t like Tay-uh because it sounds like Tia, although that is a very pretty name, I don’t like it much.

Daiseymae Says:


Love this still!

Evangeline Zhuang Says:


Very well said

calia_casper Says:


I love the name Thea, I had never heard of it until I started watching Arrow. Thea Queen, thank you so much for being named that! I might even name my child that!

isolemnlysweariamuptodrarry Says:


I adore this name, it is so sophisticated and i can imagine it fitting with any age or personality
Little baby Thea getting cooed over
Toddler Thea walking her first steps
5-year-old Thea introducing herself for the first time
A total tomboy Thea, with her short hair and muddy clothes messing around with her mates
Girly little Princess Thea with long hair and pretty dresses
teenage Thea doodling her name on her jotters
"Thea, will you marry me?"
"Do you, Thea, take..."
"Congratulations Thea, it's a..."
and little old lady Thea, playing with her grandchildren

Okay I am fangirling over this name!

Starelli Says:


I've met a few women named Zia, and a lot of the reaction to their names has been: "That's the Italian word for aunt." Thanks for the clarification though.

paulapuddephatt Says:


So beautiful

kmdharrington Says:


Without the th- sound, as Scandinavian languages do not have that sound

Wittyusername103 Says:


If you wanted TAY-uh try Taya

Thea17 Says:


You could just find the middle ground between the two. I'm a Thea, pronounced THAY-a! :)

Natasha Pimple Says:


My daughter name is Thea born on 15th October 2015 , mumbai

PrudenceA Says:


Oh no! I too am in Australia and had no idea Thea was Aunty in Greek. I love Greek names and though there are far worse associations, it does make it a bit awkward.

EW314 Says:


Lovely name, but very popular here in the UK. I remember meeting a Thea when I was six or seven and thinking how awesome and unique her name was, but I hear it a lot now so it's somewhat lost its sparkle.

alexandramae Says:


Similarly "tia" is the spanish name for aunt ("como estas, tia?" "feliz cumpleanos, tia laura!") . I've met quite a few Tia/Tea/Tiahs.

alexandramae Says:


It broke the US SS list at 776 in 2014. I'm not sure what is up with the graph.

ashbee Says:


Beautiful! Why does Nameberry say it entered the top 1000 in 2014 when the graph shows it's been there since 1880?

lexxy_baby Says:


Thea is the Greek word for aunty/aunt. I've never met anyone named Thea and it would personally be weird for me as an Aussie-Greek person because 'thea' has always been followed by a name (eg, thea Katina = aunty Katina).

Imagine having a Greek aunty named Thea... "Oh, hi. How was your day, thea Thea?" lolnope. It looks lovely but it's not likely for someone Greek (or someone who regularly speaks Greek) to *actually* name their kid Thea or be named Thea themselves.

amybaldwin Says:


Yeah I love this one, I like THEE-uh pronunciation but any way you say it is beautiful!

yvonne_virginia Says:


I am starting to love this name! However, it does mean 'aunt' in Greek and I can't get away from that.

jordalini Says:


there is no difference between what I said and you did with my accent..

DaisyMaisie Says:


no, it`s not. it is "Teh-ah"

Chloe14 Says:


Thea is gorgeous! I pronounce it "Thee-uh".

hughesscholar Says:


this name has such a strong image!!

Daiseymae Says:


I like Thee-uh. I think it is very cute.

jordalini Says:


Thea is more grown up, but you could always use both :), one in school, and one as a nn or term of endearment

oliviamcdonald Says:


I love this name, my only problem is I wouldn't know whether to pronounce it THEE-uh or TAY-uh. I like both equally.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I have a friend with this name. I love the name Thea.

jordalini Says:


Tay-a is the Scandinavian pronunciation

beeba Says:


This name is so pretty and chic.

Daisychain Says:


So how is it pronounced in Scandinavia?

jordalini Says:


I love this :)

mabespark Says:


This is one of my all-time favorite girl names. It's timeless, unique, and absolutely gorgeous.

Whirligig Says:


My sister's nickname! I prefer Theadora but it is still lovely.

kitchi1 Says:


I love the vintage feel.

HatGirl Says:


i love it! it is a little girl in my church's name!

MaryKathryn Says: