Gender: Female Pronunciation: ka-TREE-na Meaning of Catriona: "pure" Origin of Catriona: Gaelic form of Katherine

Catriona Origin and Meaning

The name Catriona is a girl's name of Gaelic origin meaning "pure".

This Katherine variation, used through Ireland and Scotland, is pronounced as Katrina -- kat-tree-na. The name became popular after the Crusaders brought home stories about the colorful fourth century martyr, Catherine of Alexandria. Its later popularity increased following the success of Robert Louis Stevenson's 1893 Catriona, the sequel to Kidnapped. Pronunciation is like Katrina.

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FictionWriterKate Says:


So, the obvious nickname is Cat, but what if you don't want the obvious nickname? Maybe Caty? or Iona? Catri? Tria? Suggestions please!

FictionWriterKate Says:


I've always pronounced it ca-tree-OH-na. Am I doing it wrong?

Daiseymae Says:


Well, I guess I would go with Katriana which would close.

abertawe Says:


Agreed. I'd write the pronunciation as ka-TREE-uh-na so there's the subtle o sound, but definitely not ka-tree-OH-na.

ashbee Says:


Caitriona Balfe turned me onto the loveliness of this name. Love Outlander. And Claire!

nicah ian Says:


i name my baby CATRIONA TRIX ... we pronounced it as Cat ri O na...

Guest Says:


It looks lovely but most people would get so confused with that o. Catherine has so many interesting variations!!

Catastroffy Says:


Beautiful. This, along with Caitlin and Catalina, is one of my favourite variations of the name.

june7rose Says:


With this being the first name of the actress in the phenomenally popular Outlander TV show, I'm sure we'll hear more about it.

kittybloom Says:


This is my name, given to me to honour our Scottish ancestry, although we lived in England. Hollyannabell is exactly right on the pronunciation...and about the fact that no one outside of Scotland can pronounce it. (Bane of my existence as a namenerd!)
I would consider 'Ka TREE na' a simplification...Ca-TREE-er-na, with a soft 'o' is the authentic version. I've been told that some Scots pronounce 'Fiona' as 'FEE-er-na' too... same soft o sound.
It's a beautiful looking and sounding name when pronounced with the soft o. Ka-tree-na just doesn't do it justice- it really loses its distinctively Gaelic, lilting softness.
i would love to see this entry changed to at least include the soft o pronunciation as an option!

chellemma1 Says:


I understand what you mean about the pronunciation but I also live in Scotland and most of the Catrionas I know just pronounce it like Katrina, I only occasionally hear the Cat-ri-on-na pronunciation, it seems more like an accent thing to me.

hollyannabell Says:


i live in Scotland. Here it is supposed to be pronounced where the o is soft like on Cat ri on na not Cat ri O na or Katrina. It is run together softly so the o is only just heard. I have met anyone in England or America who can say it correctly. Good luck

pam Says:


This may be the name on which we get the most personally-based "corrections" on the pronunciation. We recently changed it BACK to ka-TREE-na as we'd gotten two notes from Catrionas saying that was the way it was pronounced. How do your aunt and sister pronounce it? And where do you live (as I think that's important to pronunciation differences)?

hollyannabell Says:


i have an aunt called Catriona and and a sister with that as a middle name and you don't pronounce it Ka TREE na.