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Gender: F Meaning of Mirabelle: "marvelous" Origin of Mirabelle: French

If you're looking for a fresher belle name than Isabelle, Mirabelle is lovely, and we also like the extra flourish of Mirabella. And if you want a nature tie, Mirabelle is also the name of a delicate French plum.

Steve Martin chose the name for the heroine of his novel Shopgirl--Mirabelle Buttersfield..

Another pretty possibility: Maribel.

Famous People Named Mirabelle

Mirabelle Beatrice Lee, American child actress; twin sister of Anais Lee
Mirabelle Marden, daughter of artist Brice Marden
Capri Mirabelle Reynolds (b. 2013), daughter of model/TV personality Kathryn Eisman and Simon Reynolds

Pop Culture References for the name Mirabelle

Mirabelle Buttersfield, character in Steve Martin's novella Shopgirl
Mirabelle, a plum used for jams and alcohol in France
Mirabelle, Dr. Osner's nickname for Miriam 'Miri' Ammerman Judy Blume's "In The Unlikely Event"
Mirabelle Harris, a main character in Amazon's "The Kicks"