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Gender: M Meaning of Calloway: "pebbly place" Origin of Calloway: Irish from Latin

Calloway is one of those irresistibly jaunty, animated three-syllable Irish surnames, like Sullivan and Finnegan--but this one has the added attraction of jazzy ties to the immortal "Dean of American Jive," Cab Calloway.

There was a 1951 comedy spoof called "Calloway Went Thataway."

Famous People Named Calloway

Sway Calloway, American rapper
Jordan Calloway, American actor
Cab Calloway, American jazz musician

Pop Culture References for the name Calloway

Dirk Calloway, character in the movie "Rushmore"
Calloway, American R&B band
Cam Calloway, main character in TV's "Survivor's Remorse"
Calloway sisters, Addicted Series