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Gender: Female Origin of Rosaline: Medieval variation of Rosalind

The name Rosaline is a girl's name . Rosaline and is often added to lists like Shakespeare Baby Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "What would you name a sibling to...?".

From the experts:

Rosaline, which can be pronounced to rhyme with mine or mean in its final syllable, has a deeper, richer pedigree than it might seem. Rosaline was used twice by Shakespeare and was also used in the poetry of Edmund Spenser. While we prefer the stronger-sounding Rosalind or Rosamund, Rosaline deserves another contemporary look.

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Famous People Named Rosaline

Rosaline Delisle, Canadian ceramics artist (1952-2003)
Rosaline Margaret Frank, New Zealand photographer
Rosaline Fox, UK woman murdered by her son in 1929
Rosaline Masson, Scottish novelist
Rosaline Yuen, Australian singer-songwriter

Pop Culture References for the name Rosaline

Rosaline, Romeo's love before Juliet in "Romeo and Juliet"
Rosaline, American hardcore band
Rosaline, from Shakespeare's "Love's Labour's Lost"
Rosaline lace, late 17th century Venetian needle lace


paulapuddephatt Says:


I heard the name pronounced with the 'line' ending, line as in row, as per Caroline. I like it that way, but it does sound, from the comments, as if there is some confusion. For Rosalyn, that is how I would spell it - looks nice and it is clear how you would say the name.

Michaela Says:


I prefer the Rosaleen spelling and pronunciation.

haybak Says:


I actually called my daughter Rosaline pronounced Roz-a-Lyn. I think its a beautiful name and not very popular now which is also what I liked about it.

summersnow Says:


I love this name so much. I prefer the pronunciation Roz-uh-lyn over the other ones.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


I love this name pronounced Rosa-leen. Definitely going to consider this if I have a daughter. The fact it's not popular is a major plus.

csd267 Says:


Rosa-leen, Rosa-line,Roza-lynn, many ways to pronounce it! I prefer Rosa-line