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Gender: Male Meaning of Sirius: "burning" Origin of Sirius: Latin from Greek

The name Sirius is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "burning". Sirius and is often added to lists like Ancient Roman Names for Boys and discussed in our forums with posts like "Love, Like, Lose -- Outlandish/Guilty Pleasures edition!".

From the experts:

Yes, it's the name of the brightest star in the sky, but can't you just hear people saying, "Are you serious?" Singer Erykah Badu used it as a middle name for son Seven.

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Famous People Named Sirius

R. U. Sirius (born Ken Goffman), American author and politician
Seven Sirius Benjamin (b. 1997), son of musicians Erykah Badu and Andre 3000

Pop Culture References for the name Sirius

Sirius Orion Black, character in the Harry Potter series
Sirius Mérou, baby in Pierre Boulle's "Planet of the Apes"
Sirius Amory, main character in Claudio Sanchez's The Armory Wars
James Sirius Potter, character in the Harry Potter series
Sirius XM Radio


tindi Says:


I´d ABSOLUTELY LOVE to name my possible future child Sirius (because of hp ofc), but I guess there would be kinda big chance that he'd hate it.. The joke is fine tho, I just find it funny.

pixelatedinfants Says:


Especially since Bellatrix was ya know his murderer

pixelatedinfants Says:


O i'd find it funny

pixelatedinfants Says:


Don't know but I know someone who'd definitley do it.
Who's definitley not me.
Oh wait.
It is.

She's a Killer Queen Says:



littlepenelope Says:


I love that the name is celestial. I love the Harry Potter connection.
But, do you know how many times I say to my kids something to the effect of, "I'm serious, get your butt in bed." Or, "are you serious?" This would get confusing, probably cause giggles, and just be a headache for my kid. That is enough for me to declare it unusable.

I would be delighted to meet someone else's child with the name Sirius, though. :)

jolynch Says:


has someone actually named their child sirius because of harry potter? how did it go?

namesrahobby Says:


Even Sirius embraced Sirius puns.... We should too. I would actually use this.

pixelatedinfants Says:


Love it. Maybe because of my huuuge fan of the Marauders Era (Harry Potter). But also the hidden pun is one of my favorites...especially if the child turns out like that awesome dog from hp

septemberjulyy7 Says:


I know what I'm naming my son...

EW314 Says:


I love the sound and the meaning of this name, and everyone loves Sirius Black. My concern is not that it sounds too like "serious", but that it's too tied to the character. I think it probably is for a first name, but it would make a fun, funky middle.

Impwood Says:


I think this name is usable. Bellatrix, not so much.

FantasticOctopus Says:


Although I love anything that has anything to do with Harry Potter, the joke is just too easy. I don't think that I would ever name anything or anybody Sirius. It's a shame...

Starcatcher618 Says:


Did not know the meaning of this name– cool!

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


It seems silly upon first glance, but the fact that it is a star name gives it some realistic credibility, in my personal opinion. Plus, as a massive Harry Potter fan, the name brings to mind the character in question, who was brave, smart, charming and loyal. And those are admirable qualities. So, while it might seem a tad on the bizarre side of the spectrum, I think it works!

Shishi Says:


Mooney Wormtail Padfoot and Prongs

slowandsteady22 Says:


You can't be sirius?