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Gender: Female Meaning of Francesca: "from France or free man" Origin of Francesca: Italian variation of Frances Francesca's Popularity in 2017: #435

The name Francesca is a girl's name of Italian origin meaning "from France or free man". Francesca is ranked #435 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Cool Girl Names From Around the World and discussed in our forums with posts like "A brother or sister for little Jack or Olivia".

From the experts:

Francesca is a lighter and much more feminine choice than the classic Frances, and one that is increasingly popular with upscale parents.

Francesca made an appearance in Dante's Inferno and then, centuries later, in the best-selling novel The Bridges of Madison County, played on screen by Meryl Streep and co-starring Clint Eastwood, who went on to name his daughter Francesca. Other dads of Francescas include Martin Scorsese, Erik Estrada, Jason Bateman and (stepdad) Ringo Starr.

Francesca is also having a big renaissance in Italy, its country of origin.

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Famous People Named Francesca

Francesca "Frankie" Sandford, English singer of group The Saturdays
Francesca Ruth Fisher-Eastwood, American actress and socialite; daughter of actors Clint Eastwood and Frances Fisher
(Constance) Francesca Gabor Hilton, American actress; daughter of hotelier Conrad Hilton and actress Zsa Zsa Gabor
Francesca James, American actress
Francesca Annis, English actress
Francesca Collett, American actress
Francesca Battistelli, American musician
Francesca Woodman, American photographer
Francesca Capaldi, American actress
Francesca Isabella Simon, British-American children's author
Francesca Gregorini, Italian/American writer/director
Francesca Schiavone, Italian tennis player
Francesca Barracciu, Italian MEP
Francesca Neri, Italian actress
Francesca Dallapé, Italian diver
Francesca Guillén, Mexican actress; daughter of actor Alejandro Camacho
Francesca "Fran" Kirby, English football player
Francesca Aborn, niece of actress Isabella Rossellini
Francesca Halabi (b. 1984), daughter of reality TV personality Faye Resnick and Fadi Halabi
Francesca McKnight Donatella Romana Gregorini (di Savignano di Romagna), Italian-American film director, daughter of actress Barbara Bach and stepdaughter of musician Ringo Starr
Francesca Hall, daughter of TV presenter Stuart Hall
Francesca Mainwaring, daughter of TV presenter Ed Stewart
Francesca Gunn (b. 1990), late daughter of footballer Bryan Gunn
Francesca Généreux (b. 1999), daughter of dancer and TV personality Jean-Marc Généreux
Francesca Abbruzzese, daughter of drummer Dave Abbruzzese of band Pearl Jam
Francesca Scorsese (b. 1999), daughter of director Martin Scorsese
Francesca Natalia Estrada (b. 2000), daughter of actor Erik Estrada
Francesca Pace (b. 2004), daughter of tennis player Irina Spirlea and Massimiliano Pace
Francesca Fospero (b. 2004), daughter of TV presenter Helen Fospero
Francesca Nora Bateman (b. 2006), daughter of actor Jason Bateman & Amanda Anka
Francesca Christine Giner (b. 2008), daughter of actress Amy Jo Johnson and Olivier Giner
Francesca Alice Adams (b. 2009), daughter of ice hockey player Craig Adams
Francesca Marlowe Jacobs (b. 2013), daughter of TV weather forecasters Rose and Steven Jacobs

Pop Culture References for the name Francesca

Francesca "Frankie" Alan, main character from the television series "Lip Service"
Francesca Altifiorla, dragon in "Kept in the Dark" (Anthony Trollope)
Francesca "Fancy" Monroe, from "The Jamie Foxx Show"
Francesca "Frankie" Sutton, from the movie "Set It Off"
Francesca Villante, from Australian TV soap "Neighbours"
Francesca "Frankie" Adams Foster, stillborn daughter of Stef and Lena on American TV show "The Fosters"
Francesca, a character from the novel 'Torment' (Lauren Kate)
Francesca Wolff, girlfriend of Marina Ferrer in TV series "The L Word".
Francesca "Franky" Fitzgerald from the TV show "Skins UK" (third generation)
Francesca "Frankie" Hathaway from the kids show "The Haunted Hathaways"
Francesca "Frankie" Hollingsworth from the TV show "Degrassi" and "Degrassi: Next Class"


Sarah11 Says:


I love Francesca. What other nn are there other than Frankie?

Ella Says:


I LOVE this name but my mom hates it.

alextheindigo Says:


Cute, spunky, girly name

Sully9 Says:


Such a beautiful name

oliviamcdonald Says:


I love nickname Cheska

paulapuddephatt Says:


I love this name so much, and Frankie, Fran or Chesca. I also adore Frances, Francine and Francina.

valeeeeria Says:


This is going to be my niece name and I want a nice nickname for her since I don't like "Franky"

mickie86 Says:


I like Francine so much more! Although Francesca is nice too.

actingfun Says:


Don't cry, I love your name!

actingfun Says:


I love how this name has such a variety of nicknames, and the full name isn't a mouthful. It's so perfect!

Hylian Wizard Says:


I like Francesca! But not Frankie- that's way too boyish for me. I prefer Fran or Frances.

Francescs Says:



scblovesnames Says:


ultimately I love other names more but this is beautiful

Zuzana Says:


Francesca is beautiful, I even love Franny, Fran, Francie..

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Hazel Francesca makes a good combo. I like it!

headintheclouds Says:


I love Francesca- it sounds and looks very lively and spunky. Also it's a classic name that everyone knows and has heard of, but it isn't too common. I'd use it as a middle name; Hazel Francesca is one of my favorite combos for a girl. As a nickname, I think Frankie is adorable, though I think Francesca should be left in its full form if possible- it's just so pretty!

miriam veblen Says:


It's not my favorite name but it's OK.

Catastroffy Says:


This name is too's almost sickly...I'm sorry.

pj8352 Says:



pj8352 Says:


My daughter is going to name her daughter Francesca Bianca ... Bianca after my mother's middle name and due on my mother's birthday April 4th. Francis is my father's middle name but this was unintentional ... It is special for me since both of my parents have passed on. My sister said Francesca is too long so she's going to call her Francy pants...Love it! So I think this grandma will call her new granddaughter "Francy Pants". She will join her 2 year old brother, Ricardo! :-) Feeling Blessed this New Year Day!!!

tori101 Says:


Such a gorgeous name : )

indiefendi2 Says:


If you don't want "Frankie" to be a nickname there's always Francia! 😍

Bobcat108 Says:


Francesca & Franci are two names I've always loved...when I was a kid I desperately wanted a Franci doll.

jasminegarden Says:


such a beautiful name, I love the nicknames Frankie and Chessie :)

unicornluvgirl Says:


I am in love with the nickname Frankie!

Guest Says:


When I was a kid I thought this was Franjessica hahahaha.

Netta5187 Says:


My favorite nickname for Francesca is Francie, which is Grace Kelly's character in To Catch a Thief. The name Francesca is beautiful in itself! Very stylish and classy.

DryLake Says: