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Gender: Male Meaning of Otto: "wealthy" Origin of Otto: German Otto's Popularity in 2017: #478

The name Otto is a boy's name of German origin meaning "wealthy". Otto is ranked #478 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Old Man Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Baby a Day".

From the experts:

Cutting-edge parents have revived this German name a la Oscar.

Like most German names, Otto fell out of favor during and after the two World Wars--it had been a Top 100 name in the years preceding. And there were some distinguished Ottos before the imperial image of Prussian Otto von Bismark colored the name. Otto the Great is generally considered the founder of the Holy Roman Empire and there were several German and Austrian royals with the name.

Othello is actually a diminutive of Otto.

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Famous People Named Otto

Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck, 1st Chancellor of Germany
Otto von Habsburg, last Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary
Otto I-IV, Holy Roman Emperors
Otto Friedrich Ludwig, King of Greece
Otto Wilhelm Luitpold Adalbert Waldemar von Wittelsbach, King of Bavaria
Otto Heinrich Frank, German-Swiss father of diarist Anne Frank
Otto Emil Plath, father of American writer Sylvia Plath
Otto Ludwig Preminger, Austrian-American film director
Otto Everett Graham, American NFL football player
Otto Jones, younger brother of American actor Angus T. Jones
Otto Wood, American drummer of the band Waterparks
Otto Scheff, German Olympic swimmer
Otto Klemperer, German-American conductor
Otto Gerhard Waalkes, German comedian and actor
Otto Wallach, German chemist; winner of the Nobel Prize
Otto Fritz Meyerhof, German physician; winner of the Nobel Prize
Otto Heinrich Warburg, German biochemist; winner of the Nobel Prize
Otto Loewi, German pharmacologist; winner of the Nobel Prize
Otto Stern, German physicist; winner of the Nobel Prize
Otto Hahn, German chemist; winner of the Nobel Prize
Otto Vogl, Austrian-American chemist
Otto Porter, American basketball player
Otto Warmbier, late American student held hostage in North Korea
Otto Kilcher, American reality TV star on "Alaska: The Last Frontier"; uncle of singer Jewel
Otto Patrick Dunstan (b. 2013), son of Australian youtubers Rohan and Chloe Dunstan (Life with Beans)

Pop Culture References for the name Otto

Otto Rocket, character on animated series "Rocket Power"
Otto Maddox, main character in film "RepoMan"
Otto Mann, bus driver on TV's "The Simpsons"
Otto Delaney, character on TV's "Sons of Anarchy"
Otto Klopp, character in Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan Series
Otto Octavius aka Doctor Octopus, villain in Spider-Man comics
Otto Osworth, character on the animated series Time Squad
Otto Flick, character on British TV series 'Allo 'Allo!
Otto Meyer, character in the 1963 film "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World"
Otto, talking ferret in 2002 animated film "Barbie as Rapunzel"
Otto, Sarge's dog in comic strip "Beetle Bailey"
Otto the Gorilla, character in film "The Haunted World of El Superbeasto"
Otto the Autopilot, the blow-up autopilot doll in 1980 film Airplane!
Otto West, character in the 1988 film "A Fish Called Wanda"
Otto Malpense, the main character in the H.I.V.E. series by Mark Walden
Otto "Unbreakable" Zander, character in video game series X-COM Enemy Unknown[4]
Otto the Orange, mascot of Syracuse University
Otto, character in the game "Minecraft Story Mode"
Otto the Auto, AAA's education program for elementary school aged kids

Otto's International Variations

Audr, Odo (Norwegian) Oto, Otman, Otilio, Tilo (Spanish) Otton, Oton, Tonek, Onek, Otek (Polish) Otho, Ottomar, Ottocar, Otfried (German) Ottone, Otello (Italian) Otik (Czech) Othon, Odon (French)


stepx Says:


its a rebrand name. Very cool potential. I love it.

Eliane Says:


German here and pronouncing Auto like Otto is definitely wrong. The Au is a German Umlaut and the two letters are pronounced separately and not like the English A (Ay) or U (Yu). The German A is pronounced Ah and the U Uh and the O isn't pronounced like the English O (which is very similar to the a in about I think) but like Oh. You could google the German ABC because it's SO hard to explain it without sound lol

ttwwiinnmmoomm22 Says:


My Otto is a wild child, total extrovert, on the go. Went through an old family photo book and found a great great Uncle named Otto and we were sold!

yourlocaldumpster Says:


Otto, from the book Echo by Pam Munoz Ryan

EW314 Says:


I love it! Sounds cute for a kid and cool for a man. Super easy to pronounce and spell, but still pretty uncommon. This will be a strong contender for us.

Nozomi Says:


I have a friend who pronounces it like auto so...This name always reminds me of an engineer

Sarastarnamenerd Says:


Me too! But that is what my kid will likely look like!

eveyalecia Says:


Hello! Popping in to share my linguistic knowledge-- this is called the "caught-cot merger." Most of the US has lost the sound that you describe at the beginning of Otto and has replaced it with the sound at the beginning of August (resulting in "cot" and "caught" being pronounced identically). There are pockets of the US where this merger has not occurred, and the Northeast is one of them! So, for me (I live in the Northwest), Otto and auto are pronounced exactly the same. :)

eveyalecia Says:


Pajama Sam!

otheralix Says:


Ah well, the Maryland/Florida divide!

Bobcat108 Says:


Aw-gust. Ah-toe (Otto). Ahs-car. Aw-toe (auto). Ah-lee (Ollie, my cat). I'm not sure if there's more than one pronunciation for the name Auden...I'd say it Aw-den, but the poet/author may have said his name differently. I'm from the East Coast of the US, northern part, if that helps w/linguistic ID.

summersnow Says:


They sound the same to me honestly? I guess I would say it's Aw-gust but the first syllable of Auden and August the same way I pronounce the first syllables of Oscar and Oliver. There might be a slight difference in the exact way I say it but Otto and Auto still sound the same to me.

otheralix Says:


How do you say August? Is it Ah-gust or Awh-gust? I pronounce August (and Auden, can't think of other examples atm) like I pronounce "auto." Similarly, I pronounce Oscar, Ollie, Oliver, and Otto with same vowel sound,

summersnow Says:


Oscar and Auto both sound the same in the first syllable to me. Really don't get how you'd be pronouncing it different. Is it because you pronounce the w sound more? It still sounds the same. I'm from Florida and Auto and Otto definitely sound the same.

Skittlewiddles Says:


I think this is a pretty slick name that would be cute for a baby as well respectable on an adult. (Side note: Otto was the name of a trusty rowboat from a children's computer game I adored as a kid).

otheralix Says:


Yup, the East Coast. I pronounce it Ah-toe/Ah-do (the latter usually because who pronounces ts all the time?) and I pronounce "auto" similar to Aw-toe/Aw-doe. Otto begins like Oscar and Auto begins like Auden. I think?

ThistleThorn Says:


How do you pronounce it? Are you from the US?

otheralix Says:


Not sure how you're pronouncing 'auto,' but it's definitely different for me.

ThistleThorn Says:


I don't like that this is pronounced like Auto.

headintheclouds Says:


I see "Otter" when I look at this name, or think of the Ottoman Empire in association to it. It's nice, the -o sound is appealing, but I think I prefer other O- boy names like Oscar, Owen, Oliver.

ThistleThorn Says:


I read a story about a boy named Otto and I've loved this name ever since.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I love this name.

Imnotputtingmynameonline Says:


I've always liked this name, but am on the fence about using it. My ancestory is European and there have been Ottos in my families past generations, so it's sort of like a family name.

ldougie Says:


I don't know why, but my brain can only imagine a white kid with brown hair.

sashapizzarova Says:


Otto is off-beat yet cool a la Otto Rocket from the cartoon Rocket Power!

Guest Says:


I'm glad this name is coming back and doesn't have that Alpine-ness anymore. It's a very cool name!! Also it's 8 in Italian which is my favorite number! 😍