Gender: Female Meaning of Angelica: "angel or angelic" Origin of Angelica: Italian, Polish, Russian diminutive of Angela Angelica's Popularity in 2019: #592

Angelica Origin and Meaning

The name Angelica is a girl's name of Italian, Polish, Russian origin meaning "angel or angelic".

Angelica is by far the choicest form of the angelic names -- more delicate than Angelina, more feminine than Angel, more modern than Angela. But though Angelica is so lacy and poetic, it lags behind the bolder Angelina (probably for obvious reasons).

Angelica was introduced to England from Italy in the seventeenth cenury, and is heard in early poetry and plays, including Romeo and Juliet. Angelica Schuyler, played by Renee Elise Goldsberry, is one of the most appealing characters in Broadway sensation Hamilton.

Anjelica is a variant spelling, as in Anjelica Huston.

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Rank in US: #592

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Angelica's International Variations

Angelika (German) Angélique (French)


indiefendi2 Says:


More delicate than Angelina?!?! I feel the complete opposite.

zsazsa00 Says:


I heard Angelica first on the Rugrats and her character was a turn off even though I liked it. But now I can look past it and I really like the name. I also really like Cynthia... lol the thought of sisters Angelica and Cynthia ... I couldn't though. (Cynthia was her doll)
It's also strange cause I'm not into Ange names since I don't really like the biblical connotations though along with Celeste, Luna, Maia and Cynthia ect I like the celestial connotations with the name. So not really into Angie/Angel as a nn personally but I think Anca/Anka would be cute. Though Angelica is so fun to say I don't think a nn is needed. It feels fresh, feminine/flirty and yeah a little spunky.

Ella Says:


I WANT to like this name but I can only think of Angelica from rugrats.

sablemae98 Says:


I think that with the success of Hamilton, the Angelica from Rugrats will be mostly forgotten and Angelica Schuyler will take her place as the recognized Angelica. Plus, Angelica Schuyler is pretty great; I'd love having her as my namesake. Angelica Pickles, not so much.

Miri Says:



Thepandaprincess223 Says:


This name is really starting to grown on me, I like the spunk yet sweetness this name has.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Beautiful name

pixelatedinfants Says:


I think of Angelica Schuyler from Hamilton.

pixelatedinfants Says:


I think of Angelica Schuyler

pixelatedinfants Says:



pixelatedinfants Says:


with a comma after dearest

aaronburrsir Says:


My dearest, Angelica.

Michaela Says:


Angelica is vastly prettier and more scrumptious than Angelina.

headintheclouds Says:


Definitely the spunkiest Angel- variant name. I associate Angelica with the toddler cartoon character from Rugrats. She is a brat, which could ruin the name for me, but she's also rather endearing at times; I've always imagined that Angelica Pickles would grow up to become less bratty and more of an enterprising hustler and break-the-glass-ceiling type of high-powered woman. Which is why I don't find the name Angelica overly precocious and reserved-for-spoiled-brats-only. I rather like that it sounds over-the-top lush and girly and feminine, but also has that hint of fiery spunkiness and high energy.

Addie88 Says:


All I think of is Angelica Pickles from Rugrats, and she was awful.

CupcakeGirl13 Says:


Angelina, Angelica, Angela, Angel, Angeliki, Wow! Who knew there were so many! I like these "Ange" names!

ThistleThorn Says:



Angelicaecb Says:


I have always gone by my nn Angel, but I've always loved my name Angelica, feeling that it sounded like a princess. I loved the heavenly messenger meaning and flower connections. But YES, I had so many teachers/cafeteria ladies/others see Angelica and want to call my An-gel-ee-kuh or something similar like Angela or Angelina. Too bad too, cause besides Angelica/Angel the only variant I really like is Angelique-which is a separate name to me.

Angelicaecb Says:


When a spanish co worker I had heard my name she would only call me awn-hell-ee-kuh, which I didn't mind- but I don't really like the pronunciation, what with the hell i it and all. Besides, I've always adored my name the way it was.

Angelica Cambridge Says:


While I personally love my name, the mispronunciations kill me. Don't get me started on the misspellings. I always love going to the coffee shop to see how they will spell my name next...

kitchi1 Says:


I prefer the Spanish pronunciation - awn-hell-ee-kuh

kitchi1 Says:


So do I.

tori101 Says:


I love this name so much it's gorgeous!! Very delicate and feminine.

Guest Says:


Gosh, I just think of that bratty little Angelica Pickles from Rugrats.