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Gender: F Meaning of Alyssa: "noble" Origin of Alyssa: English variation of Alicia Alyssa's Popularity in 2015: #93

Alyssa is a long-running popular name (currently in the Top 100), related to the flower alyssum as well as to the classic Alice and variants. Alyssa Milano helped give it a bounce back when she was still a child sitcom star.

Famous People Named Alyssa

Alyssa Jayne Milano, American actress
Alyssa Marie Campanella, Miss USA 2011
Alyssa Sutherland, Australian model
Skye Alyssa Friedman, American actress
Alyssa Ashley Reid, Canadian singer-songwriter
Alyssa Elaine Diaz, American actress
Alyssa Katherine Nicole Barlow, musician of American group BarlowGirl
Alyssa Jean Healy, Australian cricketer
Alyssa Thomas, American basketball player
Alyssa Jean Anderson, American Olympic swimmer
Alyssa Mastromonaco, U.S. White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations
Alyssa Michele Naeher, American soccer player
Alyssa "Alys" Whitall Pearsall Smith, American Quaker leader
Alyssa Joy (Bates) Webster, 6th child (3rd daughter) of the reality TV show "Bringing Up Bates" family
Alyssa Edwards aka Justin Johnson, American drag queen and TV personality ("RuPaul's Drag Race")
Alyssa Warren, daughter of model Anna Benson; stepdaughter of baseball player Kris Benson
Alyssa Jane Ashton (b. 2011), daughter of singer Leslie Carter and Mike Ashton; niece of singers Nick and Aaron Carter
Alyssa Pilgrim (b. 2012), daughter of TV presenter Mark Pilgrim
Alyssa Bustamante, American teenager who was charged with first-degree murder in the slaying of her nine-year-old neighbor

Pop Culture References for the name Alyssa

Alyssa Ashcroft, character in the video game "Resident Evil: Outbreak"
Alyssa Callaway, character in movie "It Takes Two"
Alyssa Rothman, character in movie "Fire on the Amazon"
Alyssa Jones, character in movie "Chasing Amy"
Alyssa Ogawa, character in the Star Trek series
Alyssa Searrs, character in manga/anime "My-HiME"
Alyssa Gardner, character in "Splintered"

Allisa, Ilyssa, Allyssa, Allissa, Alysa, Alyesa, Alysia, Lyssah, Alyissa, Ahlyssa, Lyssa, Elissa, Alysah, Alissa, Alyessa