Gender: Female Meaning of Bridget: "strength or exalted one" Origin of Bridget: Anglicized variation of Gaelic Brighid Bridget's Popularity in 2019: #740

Bridget Origin and Meaning

The name Bridget is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "strength or exalted one".

Bridget is the Anglicized form of Brigid, an Irish-Gaelic name that was derived from the word brígh, which means “strength.”

Bridget is the name of the most famous female saint of Ireland, who became the patroness of her country, as well as patron saint of scholars, poets and healers. Because of her sanctity, the name did not come into common use in Ireland until the seventeenth century, after which it became wildly popular. Bridget was eventually used as a generic name—and not a flattering one—for an Irishwoman; Irish maids in the early 20th century US were derogatorily called "the Bridgets."

One of the earliest Irish names for girls to immigrate to the USA, Bridget, the most familiar form of the name of the Celtic goddess of wisdom, is still used by traditionalists but also carries some modern spark and a great meaning. Bridget is one of the exclusive group of girl names that mean strong, brave, or powerful.

According to Irish myth, there were three sister goddesses named Brigid: the goddess of poetry, the goddess of healing, and the goddess of agriculture.

Most prominent Bridgets today are actresses Fonda and Moynahan, op artist Bridget Riley, and the fictional hapless Bridget Jones—she and her diary the protagonist of four books, three movies, and even a musical.

Irish variants include Brighid, Brigid (as in the devious character in The Maltese Falcon), Bridie, Biddy, Brid and Bedelia.

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Rank in US: #740

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Famous People Named Bridget

Pop Culture References for the name Bridget

Biddy, Bridgitte, Bree, Bridey, Bidu, Bridgie, Brigit, Bridgit, Brie, Bridie, Brigita

Bridget's International Variations

Bríd, Breda, Brighid, Brigid, Bride (Irish) Piritta, Riitta, Pirjo, Pirkko (Finnish) Ffraid (Welsh) Brygid, Brygida (Polish) Gitta (German) Birgitta, Bridgette (Scandinavian) Gittan, (Swedish)


QueenieGuldbaek Says:


I like Birdie as a nn.

CSB Says:


My 8 month old twin girls are named Bridget & Cara, and I get nothing but positive comments on their names :) I call Bridget ' Baby Bridge" or "Bridgey"

Tigris Says:


Alternatively could be spelled Bridgette, similar to Charlotte and other -ette/-otte names to add a more feminine flair.

loiswrenmatthews Says:


I have always adored Bridget.

josephinedagnall Says:


Bridget isn't German; it's Irish Gaelic.

Daiseymae Says:


Such a sweet post.

Shelbi Says:


I nannied the sweetest little baby Bridget last year while she was 3 to 11 months old. I hadn't particularly cared for the name before I started keeping her, but now I love it and would definitely use it on my own baby :)

danirose01 Says:


I've always loved this name, although I prefer the traditional Brighid. Obviously for convenience reasons in the US, Bridget would be easier. But I made a friend a few years ago who's a Bridget and now I feel like I can't use it anymore because we aren't close enough for me to use her name. ):

Daiseymae Says:


I always thought this was a very pretty sounding name.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I'm starting to love this name.

Beth Webster Says:


This is my cats name :D

Star_Girl Says:


My mom and grandma aren't fond of German names so there is a chance that if I have a daughter, they might not want me to use it.

EW314 Says:


"One of the spunkiest names", "unexpectedly abrupt", "jumping rhythm", "lively" - you've hit the nail on the head about why I love this name! I always think your comments are so apt every time I see them :)

Bridget IS super-spunky, I agree. It's derived from the name of the Gaelic goddess Brighid - goddess of fire, poetry and wisdom. NB gives the meaning of Brighid as "strength, power" - that's the sort of meaning I just LOVE to see for a girl's name, since all too often they have meanings like "beautiful", "chaste" or "pure". Fine, but not what I want my daughter to aspire to.

As a bonus, Bridget is very uncommon nowadays both in the US (536 in 2014) and UK (715 in 2014), but at the same time it's a very familiar name that everyone can pronounce and spell. For that reason, I'd stick with this spelling (lovely though Brighid, Brigid, Brigit, Brigitte, etc. are too).

Birdie is sweet and chirpy, but I have to say I find it a little too cute to age well. My personal favourite nickname for Bridget is the spunky and unexpected Jet.

headintheclouds Says:


One of the spunkiest names ever, IMO! Bridget sounds rather unexpectedly abrupt when you say it, and there's a sort of jumping rhythm to it that makes it so lively. I once met a Bridget in the roller derby and I remember thinking it was such a fitting name for her energetic no-nonsense personality :) Birdie would be an adorable nickname for Bridget.

Samantha Says:


My daughters name is Bridget and I'm so in love with this name! It's almost a name brushed under the rug, and very under rated. Everyone who asks her name says they always love it! I have loved this name since a teenager and I am so happy I got to the chance to use it on my beautiful daughter!!

Chloe14 Says:


Bridget is such a pretty name!

AliciaDawn Says:


I love this name! It's not "sticky" with vales as many popular girls names are and yet it still manages to keep its elegance and femininity all while sounding strong. With names like Charlotte and Scarlett becoming so popular Bridget wouldn't be out of place but it would still remain different. My mom almost named my this and I'm forever resentful that she didn't...

Saffron_Rice Says:


Although associated with Ireland it's been used quietly in England since the middle ages - Bridget (Mrs Ireton) was Oliver Cromwell's favourite daughter.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


I much prefer Brighid or Brigid, but I would only use then as Middle names.

Mia42 Says:


Bridget is one of the cutest girl names ever because it has great meaning, is a saints's name, and is cute. I also it ages well and I can picture a Bridget at any age! Bridget is hands down my favorite girl's name!

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Not sure why, but since I first heard this name, it sounded fake and plastic. For some reason, I can imagine it on a teen or preteen since I met a Bridget, but I can't imagine hearing it on a baby or toddler.