Most Popular Names in Italy

The most popular names in Italy for 2020 are Sofia and Leonardo.

Along with Sofia, other popular Italian girl names include Giulia, Aurora, Ginevra, Alice. Along with Leonardo, other popular Italian boy names include Francesco, Alessandro, Lorenzo, and Mattia.

As in Italy, the most popular Italian boy name in the US is Leonardo, but Isabella, the most common Italian girl name in the US, does not rank in Italy’s Top 50. Isabel, however, ranks at Number 29.

Popular Italian names in both Italy and the US include Aurora, Antonio, Mia, and Gabriel.

Unique Italian names in Italy’s Top 50 include Azzurra, Chiara, and Gioia for girls, and Samuele, Alessio, and Jacopo for boys. Non-Italian choices that rank among the most popular baby names in Italy include Alice, Emma, and Chloe for girls, Thomas, Nathan, and Liam for boys.

Popular Italian names in the US include Isabella, Mia, Elena, and Sienna for girls; Luca, Leo, and Enzo for boys.