Boys’ Names: A Walk on the Softer Side

Boys’ Names: A Walk on the Softer Side

For a long time, as girls marched in masculine naming territory, appropriating such boys’ names as Blair and Blake, Avery and Riley, Peyton and Parker, the boys retreated to firmly male turf, reviving such classics as William and Henry, forging into new macho terrain with names like Hunter and Stone.

It was okay, the thinking went with names as with clothing, toys, and career aspirations, for girls to adopt masculine attributes, but not for boys to take up girlish things.

Now, though, something surprising has happened. Boys’ names are getting decidedly softer, with traditional choices that include sibilant sounds and vowel endings gaining in popularity, and parents reclaiming unisex names for their sons.

Why the switch? As a society, we’re becoming more comfortable with the blurring of gender roles and identity. The rise of gay marriage, full-time daddyhood, girl power and the metrosexual has made it more acceptable not only for girls to be a little bit butch, but for boys to be sweet, kind, sensitive, even pretty.

And to have pretty names to go along with their gentle new image. Some of the long-established boys’ names on the rise that incorporate a softer sound:


More parents today are telling us they’re fine with choosing a name for their sons that’s also well-used for girls. Among the unisex names that parents are refusing to cede to the feminine side are:


What do you think of these softer boys’ names? Would you use one for your son? Let us know.

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