The Top Global Names Right Now

The Top Global Names Right Now

The popularity of baby names is usually country or even region-specific, with the top names in the US different from those in the UK, which are different again from those in Sweden or Spain.

But as the world gets smaller, there’s a growing cadre of names that rank highly on the charts of a wide range of countries.

With the recent release of 2023 baby name statistics from early bird nations and provinces around the world, we have the most up-to-the-minute data on which names are the current global stars.

Top International Names

The rankings below are based on the number of times each name, or name family, featured in a Top 10 list from those already published for 2023.

The countries and regions we surveyed are: Brazil, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Israel, Kazakhstan, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, and Portugal, as well as the Australian state of New South Wales and the Canadian province of British Columbia — the most populous regions to release their 2023 data so far.

It’s important to note that there are still a lot of official statistics outstanding for 2023 — and many places don’t publish baby name data at all — so the lists below are not exhaustive.

But they do give us a fascinating insight into the biggest international superstar names of the moment!

Top Global Girl Names

Due to linguistic and cultural differences, many names are used internationally in alternative spellings or distinct yet closely related variants. Examples include Amelia and Amelija, or Astrid and Asta.

These groups have been listed together to give a more accurate picture of the most popular global name families. The Number 1 international girl name, Sophia, featured in the statistics we studied in six different spellings or variations!

1. Sophia – Top 10 in Germany, British Columbia, and New South Wales, Sofia in Denmark and Bulgaria, Sophie in the Netherlands, Sofie in Norway, and Zofia in Poland.

2. Emma – Top 10 in Denmark, Norway, Monaco, Germany, the Netherlands, and BC, Canada.

3. Olivia – Top 10 in Australia, BC, Denmark, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Norway, plus Oliwia in Poland.

4. Maria – Top 10 in Bulgaria, Brazil, Estonia, Poland and Portugal, and Miriam in Israel. Compounds Maria Alice, Maria Cecilia, Maria Clara, and Maite all featured in Brazil’s Top 10.

5. Ella – Top 10 in New Zealand, Denmark, Germany, and Norway.

6. Alice – Top 10 in Brazil along with Maria Alice, and in Portugal. Alicja was Top 10 in Poland.

7. Lia – Top 10 in Israel and Germany, along with Leah and Lea in Norway.

8. Maya – Top 10 in Norway and Israel, plus Maja in Poland.

9. Amelia – Top 10 in Australia and New Zealand. Close soundalikes Emilia also made the Top 10 in Germany.

10. Mila – Top 10 in Germany and the Netherlands. Camila also featured in Portugal.

Honorable mentions: Alma, Hannah, Julia, Laura, Lina, Matilda, Mia, and Nora.

Top Global Boy Names

The Number 1 international boy name, Noah, is remarkably consistent in spelling around the globe! In the data we studied, only Norway occasionally uses a different form: Noa.

Other high-ranking international boy names appear in a much wider range of variations, like the many translations of classic names like John and James.

1. Noah – Top 10 in Australia, BC, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, NZ, and Norway. Soundalike Noa also made the Top 10 for girls in Israel.

2. Theodore – Top 10 in Australia, BC, and NZ, Theodor in Norway. Theo ranked as a standalone in Brazil and Germany.

3. Leo – Top 10 in Australia, BC, and NZ, Leon in Germany and Poland. Leonardo was also a top choice in Monaco.

4. Luca – Top 10 in the Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany, and Australia. Lucas in Australia, Norway, and the Netherlands.

5. Oliver – Top 10 in Australia, BC, NZ, Norway and Sweden. Olivia was also one of the top global names for girls.

6. William – Top 10 Australia and Denmark. Liam also ranked as a standalone in BC, the Netherlands, and Germany.

7. Jack – Top 10 in BC and NZ. Several other John variants also ranked internationally: Jan in Poland and João in Portugal.

8. Aleksander – Top 10 in Poland and Estonia, Aleksandr in Bulgaria. Variation Aleksei also ranks in Estonia.

9. Emil – Top 10 in Denmark, Germany, and Norway.

10. Jakob – Top 10 in Norway, Jakub in Poland, and English variant James in the Netherlands.

Honorable mentions: Arthur, Charlie, David, Elias, Gabriel, Mohammad, Omar, and Thomas.

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