Top Names in Each State Revealed!

Top Names in Each State Revealed!

The most popular baby names of 2019 were announced to be Liam and Olivia, which each came out on top in the majority of US states as well. 

Our maps depict the top names by state in 2019:

Compared to last year’s maps, this year’s cohort of names is much less diverse. Liam swept over half of the states, ranking as the top name in 26 out of 50 — suggesting its reign is far from over. Olivia, too, is just getting started — it was the most popular girl name in 25 states, up from 12 in 2018.

The one- and two- off most popular names from 2018 have been eeked out by Olivia and Liam‘s dominance. Isabella, Evelyn, and Aurora all fell off the girls’ map, and Sophia was the only name to rejoin. For boys, John, Grayson, and Mason dropped off, but no new names made their way onto the map.

The regional trends that emerged are similar to those of 2018. Ava and William maintain their grasp on the South — for now. Each has lost some ground to (you guessed it) Olivia and Liam.

Northern states are more likely to have a name from outside the national Top 5 rank as their Number 1. Charlotte, Amelia, and Harper topped the charts for girls in a handful of northern states. In 2018, Charlotte only ranked as the most popular girl name in Maine but has now expanded its reach to five states. This increase may be a sign that Charlotte will be a Top 5 name in 2020.

Benjamin and Henry — the latter of which ranks at Number 12 on the US charts — came out on top in Massachusetts and New Hampshire (Benjamin), and Minnesota (Henry).

Diving further into the official Top 5 for each state, we see that states with large Spanish-speaking populations — such as California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas — have multicultural favorites Camila, Isabella, Mateo, Mia, and Sebastian among their most popular baby names of 2019.

Three girl names appeared in only a single state’s Top 5 — Elizabeth (ranked at Number 14 nationally) in Washington, DC, Lucy (48) in Utah, and Willow (46) In Wyoming. Ten names for boys made singular appearances — Colton (59) in Delaware, Theodore (36) in Minnesota, Joseph (24) and Matthew (23) in New Jersey, Michael (14) in New York, Julian (31) in Rhode Island, Jack (19) in Utah, Carter (30) and Easton (74) in West Virginia, and Ethan (10) in California.

The most creative states in 2019 were West Virginia and Wyoming. West Virginia‘s Top 5 for boys featured two names outside of the national Top 5, Carter, Mason, and Easton. Easton is also the lowest-ranked name nationally (74) to make a single state’s Top 5. Wyoming was more creative with girl names in 2019. Charlotte, Harper, and Willow are outside of the national Top 5, and Willow is the rarest girl name nationally (46) to make the Top 5 in a single state.

Any surprises? What are the most popular names in your state?

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