Extravagant Boy Names Stand Out

Extravagant Boy Names Stand Out

Extravagant boy names aren’t just uncommon or unconventional or even unique. Like the fanciful names for girls that we spotlighted last month, these are the ones that really make a statement!

Historically, parents have always been much more conservative when naming their sons. Since US naming records began in 1880, names in the boys’ top ten have remained there, on average, for almost 30 years. For girls, the figure is half that.

And just seven boy names – John, Robert, James, Michael, Jacob, Noah and Liam – have held the #1 spot across that whole period, bar one year (1960), when David took the top spot. For girls, it’s seven in the past three decades alone!

In many ways, this is great news for lovers of truly undiscovered boy names – there really is a whole world of untapped possibilities out there.

But, by the same token, it can be much more difficult to come up with boy names which embody that elaborate, evocative, extravagant style… What is the male equivalent to bold Berry favorites like Bellatrix and Belphoebe, Persephone and Pomeline, Seraphina and Scheherazade?

100+ Extravagant Boy Names

Below is a roundup of some of the best places to look for inspiration, plus some particularly eye-catching examples in each category. All of the names listed were given to no more than 20 baby boys in the US in 2021, the latest year on record. And the vast majority have never appeared on the SSA list at all.

Bold baby namers, or those looking for a dramatic name for a character or pet – enjoy!


Magical, mystical boy names far beyond Arthur, Atlas and Apollo.


Legendary kings and chieftains, soldiers and explorers, writers and philosophers.


Novel names from books, running the gamut from Shakespeare to Sherlock.


The boldest nature-inspired possibilities from land, sea and sky.

Lesser-Known Saints 

Saints’ names don’t stop at Matthew, Mark, Luke and John!

International Imports 

Fascinating given names, surnames and place names from around the globe.

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