200 Best Twin Boy Names 2024

200 Best Twin Boy Names 2024

What are the best twin boy names for 2024?

Good twin boy names have the right strength, style, and vibe for this year. We've gathered our top 100 sets of twin names for boys — 200 names total — that fit the bill.

We have inspiration for all types of twin boy names. Styles such as Southern twin boy names and badass twin boy names are featured here, along with unique twin boy names, and even matching twin boy names! (Don't worry, they're not too similar).

Whatever kind of twin names you're looking for, consider this your guide to the best twin boy names for 2024.

Unique Twin Boy Names

Unique twin boy names are combinations of the rarest choices — names that were given to fewer than 50 baby boys at last count.

These unique names are so rare, you may never run into another child with one — let alone another set of twins! But even though these twin names are uncommon, they are stylish choices ripe for discovery.

Here, the best unique twin boy names for 2024:

Akiro and Naoki

Amory and Corwin

Caledon and Tennyson

Eben and Gable

Emeric and Omri

Jabez and Zaccai

Lander and Teague

Ludo and Rafa

Makaio and Nakoa

Reeve and Sayer

Cute Twin Boy Names

Cute boy names for twins are pairs of sweet and charming choices. These adorable names often end in upbeat sounds like -ee and -o.

While you should feel free to put these combinations directly on the birth certificate, note that many cute names are nickname names. The cute twin boy names below could be used as diminutives for formal names such as Ignatius and Ezekiel, Isaac and Oscar.

Asa and Kit

Eero and Rami

Finn and Milo

Hart and Ivo

Iggy and Zeke

Ike and Ozzy

Jules and Rudy

Luan and Pau

Nico and Remy

Percy and Roscoe

Southern Twin Boy Names

Southern twin boy names feel right at home in the West...and even Westchester. Southern names are a nationwide trend!

These country twin boy names include cowboy names like Huck and Dutton, as well as those that evoke Southern gentlemen, such as Rhett and Gideon.

Below, our favorite Southern twin boy names for 2024:

Abbott and Granger

Abel and Gideon

Bo and Cy

Boone and Dutton

Hank and Mac

Holden and Wyatt

Huck and McCoy

Nile and Wiley

Rhett and Waylon

Shepherd and Shiloh

Badass Twin Boy Names

Badass twin boy names have swagger and sass. Pairs of attitude names for boys like Maverick and Axel, Ryder and Ace are among the most popular today, but our favorite combinations are more distinctive.

The best badass names for twin boys are inspired by renegades of history and fiction, such as Booker and Inigo, along with dynamic choices such as Zephyr and Cortez.

These are our recommended sets of badass twin boy names:

Alaric and Lysander

Alistair and Magnus

Arjun and Nirav

Booker and Carver

Cortez and Enzo

Ender and Van

Fox and Wilder

Inigo and Ozias

Joaquin and Romeo

Wolf and Zephyr

Cool Twin Boy Names

Cool twin boy names combine the best baby names of 2024. Nameberry favorites including Rhodes and Aarav are among them, along with trending choices Onyx and Win.

Cool boy names include last names as first names like Truman and Penn, as well as fashionable international baby names such as Duarte and Faris.

Of course, cool names for twin boys can be any combination you find impressive, but these are our nominations for the coolest twin boy names:

Aarav and Vihaan

Ansel and Bram

Bodhi and Koa

Duarte and Thiago

Evren and Miran

Faris and Imran

Hale and Win

Kenzo and Onyx

Langston and Truman

Penn and Rhodes

Fun Twin Boy Names

Fun twin boy names are cheerful and high-energy. Spiky consonants like Z, V, and K, and round vowels like O dominate among these names.

Twinsets with great rhythm like Boaz and Zebedee, Viggo and Ziggy, are sure to elicit smiles. You might even say these are funny twin boy names!

But there are no jokes here. We endorse all of the following fun names for twin boys:

Avi and Zev

Boaz and Zebedee

Chaz and Zach

Cosmo and Oberon

Finnegan and Rafferty

Jones and Miller

Macsen and Seeley

Rook and Zuko

Timo and Xavi

Viggo and Ziggy

Old-Fashioned Twin Boy Names

Old-fashioned twin boy names are pairs of the worthiest vintage revivals. Vintage boy names like Felix and Otis are fresh for babies once again and make a perfect combination for twin boys!

Vintage names can easily be mixed and matched, so go ahead and experiment with your own combinations. Explore our collection of old-fashioned names for more inspiration, or take a look at our picks for the best old-fashioned twin boy names for 2024:

Barnaby and Chester

Clement and Florian

Felix and Otis

Gus and Hal

Howard and Stanley

Ira and Lev

Judah and Silas

Julius and Leopold

Murray and Wallace

Phineas and Quincy

Matching Twin Boy Names

Twin Boy Names That Rhyme?

It may be cute in theory, but in practice, twin boy names that rhyme are impractical and can be downright confusing!

Stay away from rhyming combos like Aiden and Brayden or Owen and Rowan. However, if you like the rhythm of matching endings, look for combinations with different beginning sounds, as in these examples:

Matching Ending Twin Boy Names

Ajax and Calix

Breccan and Lorcan

Caspian and Stellan

Davis and Harris

Everett and Truett

Ezio and Renzo

Groves and Stiles

Linus and Rufus

Matthias and Thaddeus

Rowan and Soren

Find more matching ending twin girl names with our Advanced Search tool.

Matching Letter Twin Boy Names

It's tempting to choose twin boy names that start with the same letter, but combinations like Liam and Leo, Cooper and Carter are too close for comfort!

When using twin boy names with matching letters, opt for those that share a style but not too many sounds. Names with different first and last syllables have more variance and make for more interesting combinations. Twin names with a different number of syllables are even better.

Below, our favorite matching letter twin boy names. Discover more by using our search tools for Baby Names A-Z.

Archie and Angus

Bastian and Benno

Conall and Cormac

Dante and Dorian

Emrys and Evander

Jethro and Jarvis

Leland and Lowen

Malachi and Micah

Rex and Rocco

Winston and Woodrow

Matching Meaning Twin Boy Names

Twin boy names with matching meanings have a subtle connection to which (most people) will be completely oblivious. If you love the idea of matching twin names but find similar sounds too confusing, coordinated meanings are a great option.

Here, our recommend twin boy names with the same meaning. You can create your own twinsets by searching our Name Meanings page.

Abner and Callahan — "light"

Arthur and Orson — "bear"

Caius and Zorion — "happy"

Cyrus and Elio — "sun"

Edwin and Otto — "wealthy"

Enzi and Oz — "powerful"

Harvey and Walter — "battle"

Laszlo and Zimri — "glory"

Milan and Rasmus — "love"

Miro and Seb — "earth"


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200 Best Twin Girl Names 2024

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