"strong, firm"

Ethan Origin and Meaning

The name Ethan is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "strong, firm".

Ethan is a name that succeeds in being at once classic and fashionable, serious and cheery, strong and sensitive. Given a big boost via the name of the Tom Cruise character in the Mission Impossible film series, Ethan has fallen from its peak at Number 2 in 2009 and 2010, but is still popular in the US along with several other countries.

There are several Ethans in the Old Testament, the most prominent of whom, Ethan the Ezrahite, is praised for his wisdom.

Ethan's prime historic namesake in the US is Ethan Allen, Revolutionary War hero; in literature the name is associated with the eponymous Ethan Frome of Edith Wharton's novel. A more current namesake is actor Ethan Hawke.

Along with the English-speaking countries, Ethan is popular in France and other French-speaking European countries and in Latin America.

While Americans and Brits pronounce the name EE-thun, most other languages follow the pronunciation of its native Hebrew: AY-tahn. International variations include Etan, Izan, and Eitan, from which the name derives.

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Ethan Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Ethan Popularity

Famous People Named Ethan

  • Ethangrandson of Judah (1 Chr. 2:6)
  • Ethanson of Kushaiah (1 Chr. 15:17)
  • Ethan the EzrahiteBiblical psalmist (Ps. 89)
  • Ethan AllenAmerican Revolutionary War hero
  • Ethan Jesse CoenAmerican film director and screenwriter
  • Ethan Skip EricksonAmerican actor
  • Ethan Green HawkeAmerican actor
  • Ethan Gregory PeckAmerican actor; grandson of actor Gregory Peck
  • Ethan ZohnAmerican soccer player
  • Ethan Josh LeeAmerican actor
  • Ethan Anthony CouchAmerican so,called "affluenza teen"
  • Ethan Edward Minogue Smithson of singer Dannii Minogue
  • Ethan Joshua Maherbrother of singer/actress Kaitlyn Maher
  • Ethan Davison (b. 1996)son of actors Bruce Davison and Lisa Pelikan
  • Ethan Fordson of chef Benjamin Ford; grandson of actor Harrison Ford
  • Ethan Ankason of singer Paul Anka
  • Ethan Page Furlong (b. 2006)son of American actor and musician Edward Furlong
  • Ethan SupleeAmerican actor
  • Ethan Grant Dolansocial media influencer
  • Ethan (b. 2016)son of American actor and singer,songwriter Cheyenne Jackson
  • Ethan Carter III (b. 1983)American wrestler
  • Ethan KleinYoutuber on H3H3 productions; runs H3 Podcast

Ethan in Pop Culture

  • Ethan Isaac Gordimermain male character in Scarlett Avery’s book “Delectably British”.
  • "Ethan Frome" novel by Edith Wharton
  • Ethan Huntmain character in the "Mission: Impossible" series
  • Ethan Romcharacter on TV's "Lost"
  • Ethan Chandler (Talbot)character on TV's "Penny Dreadful"
  • Ethan Karamakovcharacter on TV's "Dance Academy"
  • Ethan Watecharacter in the "Beautiful Creatures" series
  • Ethan Kavanaghcharacter in the "Fifty Shades of Grey" series
  • Ethan Nakamuracharacter in the "Percy Jackson" series
  • Ethan Morgancharacter in film "My Babysitter's a Vampire"
  • Ethancharacter in "The Here and Now" by Ann Brashares
  • Ethancharacter in "The Adoration of Jenna Fox" by Mary E. Pearson
  • Ethanwolf on TV's "Teen Wolf"
  • Ethan Moorecharacter in the "Vampire Academy" series by Richelle Mead
  • Ethan Diazcharacter on TV's "Stuck in the Middle"
  • Ethan Edwardscharacter in "The Searchers"
  • Ethanprotagonist in Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver video games
  • Ethan Wintersprotagonist in the video game "Resident Evil 7"
  • Ethan Millercharacter in the 2015 film "The Night Before"
  • Ethan Westoncharacter on TV's "thirtysomething"
  • Ethana vampire in the French online visual novel Moonlight Lovers

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