Most Popular Names in Spain

The most popular names in Spain for 2020 were Lucia and Hugo.

Along with Lucia, other girl names popular in Spain include Sofia, Martina, Maria, and Julia. Along with Hugo, other common boy names in Spain include Mateo, Martin, Lucas, and Leo.

Place names are an enduring trend, with Santiago among the most popular names in Spain for boys, and Africa, India, Aitana, Triana, Leire, and Ainhoa — the latter four Basque place names — making the list for girls. Similarly, Cayetana, meaning a person from the Italian town of Gaeta, is also in the Spanish Top 100 for girls.

Uniquely Spanish names that you are unlikely to hear in the US include Spanish girl names Vega, Candela, and Nerea, and Spanish boy names Aitor, Pau, and Unai. Other Spanish baby names popular in Spain but with perhaps more potential to make it in the US include Blanca, Aina, Izan, and Teo.

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