Blue Jean Baby Names Provide Comfort

Blue Jean Baby Names Provide Comfort

Blue jean baby names are comfy and cozy, perhaps the perfect response to the crazy times we've all been living through in recent years.

Down-to-earth and easy to wear, these blue jean names are popular but not trendy, attractive but never showy. With these names, you register the person first and the name second... or maybe fifth.

Timeless But Not Stuffy

I’ve often thought that names were like clothes: coming into and going out of style, some choices enduring through the ages while others are momentary trends, everywhere for a season and then sinking from sight.

Some names are like magnificent couture ballgowns — gorgeous, luxurious, distinctive, dramatic, but a bit grand for everyday use. This may be the factor that keeps parents from choosing names like Ophelia and Orlando, Atticus and Anastasia, lovely as they may be.

The blue jean names, on the other hand, feel comfortable and natural for everyday life. They’re friendly, homespun and approachable, classic without being formal or stuffy.

Blue Jean Baby Names: What Qualifies?

Not every popular or classic name qualifies as a blue jean name. Sophia, Isabella, and Olivia feel a little too florid, for instance, while Mason and Liam are too à la mode.

Many stylish nickname names slip into the blue jean category, yet Lola and Jace seem overly trendy to me — blue jean names, maybe, but with orange rivets and fancy stitching.

And being classic or "basic" doesn’t automatically give a name that blue jean quality: Mary, George, Catherine and John are all a bit too formal and old-fashioned to be blue jean.

And how about Blue, Jean, Denim, Lee? Ironically enough, I don’t think any of them make the cut.

Here are our nominations for the best of the blue jean baby names.

Blue Jean Girl Names

Blue Jean Boy Names

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