Most Popular Names in the Netherlands

The most popular names in Netherlands in 2022 are topped by Emma and Noah.

Along with Emma, the other top girl names in the Netherlands include Julia, Mila, Sophie, and Olivia. In addition to Noah, the rest of the Top 5 Dutch boy names include Liam, Luca, Lucas, and Mees.

Among the Dutch names in the Netherlands’ Top 25 are Saar and Lotte, and for girls, and Noud and Teun for boys.

Mini-names are common in the Netherlands, with Fien, Liv, and Bo charting for girls, and Cas, Jip, and Job making the list for boys. Other unique names in the Dutch Top 100 include girl names Fenna, Loua and Puck, and boy names Boaz, Floris, and Jens.

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