The Most Popular Baby Names of the Future


What will be the most popular baby names of the future?

To find out, we took statistics from the past ten years to calculate the most popular baby names of 2028? Which names will rise the fastest and which will fall? What unexpected names do we see gaining popularity? And what major baby name trends do we see emerging in the ten years ahead?

We analyzed the Social Security data to create projections for the next ten years of baby names. The exclusive lists that follow are based on our statistical calculations.


Top Baby Names 2028

The most popular names ten years from now will include some familiar choices still ranking in the Top 10, along with unexpected newcomers. We see Charlotte, the British princess name that entered the US Top 10 in 2014, rising to Number 1, with current top boy name Liam holding onto his Number 1 spot.

Three of the names in the girls’ Top 10 but seven in the boys’ will be new, we predicted. Names new to the Top 10 in 2028 are marked with an asterisk.


Top Unisex Names 2028

Gender-neutral names will continue to be popular ten years from now, with some new choices rising through the ranks. Among names given to at least 10 percent of the minority gender, we predict these will be the top unisex names of 2028:












Beyond the Top 10

Looking further down our list of projected most popular names, we see some trends continuing and others emerging. There are more Spanish names on the Top 100, more word names, more non-traditional names for boys and serious names for girls.

Here are 10 girl names and 10 boy names we predict will double in use over the next 10 years, pushing them all into the most popular baby names of the future. They’re ordered by popularity, starting with most popular.


Falling Idols

And what about the names that we can expect to slowly fade away? Here are those that have plunged the most, and which we are prepared to bid a fond farewell to.


Formerly popular girls names that fell the most

Kaitlin: Down 91.6%

Dayanara: Down 90.9%

Isis: Down 90.8%

Ashlee: Down 90.8%

Caitlin: Down 89.6%

Breanna: Down 88.6%

Jaslene: Down 88.2%

Rachael: Down 86.1%

Caitlyn: Down 85.9%

Jasmin: Down 86.8%


Formerly popular boys names that fell the most

Braeden: Down 85%

Braden: Down 81.2%

Jaydon: Down 80%

Aidan: Down 79.7%

Brenden: Down 79.7%

Branden: Down 79.3%

Jadon: Down 77.2%

Sean: Down 76.4%

Camron: Down 74.4%

Nickolas: Down 74%


Formerly popular unisex names that fell the most

Jadyn: Down 91.2%

Jordin: Down 86.3%

Alexis: Down 77.3%

Jaden: Down 76.8%

Devon: Down 76.3%

Devin: Down 75.7%

Shannon: Down 72.2%

Jaidyn: Down 71.6%

Guadalupe: Down 68.6%

Jaylin: Down 66.9%

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