Strong Boy Names: The Ultimate Guide

Strong Boy Names: The Ultimate Guide

Strong boy names are set to be a powerful trend this year, as parents increasingly turn to names with positive meanings of strength and resilience in troubling times.

Strong boy names include those that literally mean strength, power or might – from popular classics like Ethan and Ezekiel, to rare and unique choices like Viggo and Valor. They also include boy names that feel strong or carry an association with strength and power, like Atlas, Knox and Leo.

If you’re searching for a strong boy name for your 2021 baby, you’ll find the most up-to-date information and recommendations here.

Top Strong Boy Names

The top strong boy names in the US include current #1 name Liam (and its parent name William), which derive from Germanic elements meaning “resolute protection”. Uber-classic William has been worn by many strong figures throughout history – from William the Conqueror to Sir William Wallace to legendary hero William Tell.

Other strong names for boys that rank in the current US Top 100 include Biblical stalwarts like Ethan, Gabriel and Ezekiel, as well as stylish surname-style choices like Wyatt, Nolan and Everett.

Here, the top strong boy names in the US today, listed together with their meaning and their popularity in the latest year on record.

Liam (#1), William (#4) – “resolute protection”

Ethan (#10) – “strong, firm”

Alexander (#11) – “defender of men”

Wyatt (#29) – “brave in battle”

Gabriel (#37) – “God is my strength”

Leo (#40) – “lion”

Andrew (#46) – “strong and manly”

Maverick (#58) – “nonconformist”

Nolan (#65) – “champion”

Ezekiel (#71) – “God strengthens”

Miles (#75) – “soldier”

Nicholas (#78) – “people of victory”

Austin (#88) – “great, magnificent”

Everett (#94) – “brave as a wild boar”

Cool Boy Names Meaning Strength

Cool boy names meaning strength feel quirky and individualistic, but also fit with current trends. Many boast a strong, energetic sound in addition to their powerful meaning – think Benno and Kenzo, with their dynamic O endings, or Aziz with those two spiky Zs.

Many of these cool strong boy names are already attracting the attention of adventurous baby namers in search of that perfect “fits in, stands out” choice. But none yet ranks in the Top 200 boy names in the US.

If you’re looking for a strong boy name that feels cool and uncommon, but not too wild, here are some of the best options right now.

Alaric – “all-powerful ruler”

Alvaro – “elf warrior”

Autry – “noble strength”

Aziz – “powerful and beloved”

Benno – “bear strength”

Conall – “strong wolf”

Evander – “bow warrior”

Garrison – “fortified stronghold”

Griffin – “strong prince”

Hamza – “strong, steadfast”

Harvey – “battle worthy”

Hezekiah – “God strengthens”

Kenzo – “strong and healthy”

Koa – “warrior”

Lev – “lion”

Maximus – “greatest”

Monte – “man power, mountain”

Odin – “god of war”

Oscar – “spear god”

Valentino – “strong, vigorous”

See more cool baby names that mean strong here.

Unique Boy Names Meaning Strength

Unique boy names meaning strength are highly uncommon – or even unheard of – in the US. Perfect if you’re looking for a strong baby boy name that really stands out from the crowd!

We’ve drawn our recommendations below from a wide range of languages and cultures of origin – Hebrew, Welsh, Finnish, Japanese and Punjabi, to name just a few. International popularity lists are always a great source of inspiration if you’re looking for a super rare baby name with history.

None of the unique strong boy names in the list below ranks in the current US Top 1000, so you’re almost guaranteed not to share a school (or even a town) with another.

Amzi – “my strength”

Arno – “eagle power”

Aza – “brave hero”

Cadfael – “battle prince”

Campion – “champion”

Elim – “place of strong trees”

Emeric – “power and industry”

Fort – “strong”

Gauri – “God is my strength”

Hart – “stag”

Maoz – “fortress, strength”

Othniel – “strength of god”

Quillon – “crossing swords”

Ragnar – “warrior”

Rostam – “strong, tall, brave”

Sendoa – “strong”

Takeo – “fortification”

Valor – “bravery”

Viggo – “war”

Zoravar – “strong, forceful”

Browse more unique boy names here.

Boy Names That Sound Strong

Of course, not all strong boy names have to actually mean strong or powerful. There are many more excellent names out there that carry connotations of strength due to their sound or associations.

Names containing the strong consonants V, X and Z often sound powerful and vibrant, as do names ending in the energetic “er” sound. We’ve also included several powerful legendary namesakes, like Apollo, Jupiter, Samson and Zephyr.

Here are 50 of the coolest strong-sounding names for boys right now.

  1. Arrow

  2. Apollo

  3. Atlas

  4. Axel

  5. Bear

  6. Blaise

  7. Boaz

  8. Bram

  9. Calix

  10. Canaan

  11. Dash

  12. Dexter

  13. Draco

  14. Eleazar

  15. Evren

  16. Fitzroy

  17. Gunnar

  18. Hendrix

  19. Holt

  20. Ignatius

  21. Ivar

  22. Jupiter

  23. Killian

  24. Knox

  25. Lennox

  26. Locke

  27. Lorcan

  28. Magnus

  29. Mercer

  30. Onyx

  31. Orion

  32. Otto

  33. Quest

  34. Rainier

  35. Rasmus

  36. Rex

  37. Riggs

  38. Rocky

  39. Samson

  40. Sterling

  41. Titus

  42. Torin

  43. Vivaan

  44. Vincent

  45. Wilder

  46. Wolf

  47. Xander

  48. Zane

  49. Zephyr

  50. Zoltan

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