Most Popular Names in Israel

The most popular names in Israel among Jewish babies in 2020 were Tamar and David, a classic choice that is also a popular boy name in the United States.

Along with Tamar, other most popular names in Israel for Jewish girls include Hebrew names like Maya, Abigail, Noa, and Sarah. In addition to David, top choices for Jewish Israeli boys include Lavi, Ariel, Yosef, and Noam.

Israel's population is majority Jewish but includes minorities of Muslim, Druze, and Christian citizens. Maryam and Muhammad are the top Muslim names among Israelis, while names such as Marya, Mila, Charbel, and Elias are most common among the Christian population. Druze Israelis favor names such as Jouri and Lin for girls, Adam, Ian, and Joud for boys.

Israeli names include many choices well-used internationally. Israel's most popular names for boys include such perennial favorites as Raphael, Daniel, and Michael. Israel's most popular names for girls include familiar names such as Sarah, Rachel, and Emma.

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