Most Popular Names in Germany

The most popular names in Germany in 2023 were Emilia and Noah at Number 1.

Along with Emilia, the other girl names in the German Top 5 are Emma, Sophia, Hannah, and Mia. Along with Noah, other top boy names in Germany include Matteo, Elias, Leon, and Paul.

A good number of the top names in Germany are actually German names in origin. Among the top German girl names that are unique in the US are Leni, Lotta, and Finja. German boy names that are popular in Germany but rarely heard in the US include Moritz, Hannes, and Till. Names like Ida, Romy, Linus, and Levin, all of which are among the most popular names in Germany but none of which make the US Top 1000, may be worth considering for an American child.

It's worth noting that variant spellings are combined in the German data, and listed by the most popular spelling: so the rankings for names like Sophia and Lukas also represent births for Sofia and Lucas.

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