Most Popular Names in France

The most popular names in France for 2022 were Jade — for the third year running — and Gabriel, which has been in the top spot every ear bar one since 2015.

Along with Jade, the top girl names in France included Louise, Ambre, Alba, and Emma.

Along with Gabriel, France counted Léo, Raphaël, Maël, and Louis among its top boy names.

As in the US, French names have certain sounds that are fashionable for both boys and girls. There are several male/female counterparts among France's Top 100 baby names, such as Louis and Louise, Léo and Léa, Clément and Clémence, and Camille for both.

The most popular names in France also include many names that enjoy wide popularity throughout Europe and North America. These internationally-popular names include Rose, Mia, and Julia for girls; Hugo, Noah, and Liam for boys.

While there are many French names in France’s Top 100, Arabic names and Muslim names such as Inaya and Imran are also strongly represented due to France’s comparatively large Muslim — especially North African — population.

Unique French names in the French Top 100 include Manon, Capucine, Zélie, and Maëlys for girls, and Maël, Gabin, Baptiste, and Maxence for boys.

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