Most Popular Baby Names, A to Z

Most Popular Baby Names, A to Z

Meet the most popular baby names, from A to Z!

Sure, you can probably guess the top girl name starting with O and boy name beginning with L (they’re the current number one names, Olivia and Liam). But what about the most popular names beginning with B? Or Y?

Here, we look at the top names for each letter of the alphabet on the American charts and the Nameberry charts, and how they compare. We’ve also made an A to Z of uncommon baby names, if you’re looking for inspiration off the beaten track.


Top US Baby Names A to Z

We’ve pulled out the top name for each letter of the alphabet on the US popularity list. Some were easier to find than others!

There are some fun girl-boy pairs for letters, like Olivia and Oliver, Willow and William, and most notably Quinn and Quinn. Some could easily be siblings (classic Josephine and James), while others are a style mismatch (falling modern icon Taylor and rising vintage Theodore).

Most are in the Top 100, but for a few letters you have to look further down the list. Both F names rank between 100-200 (Freya and Finn), as do Taylor and Ximena for girls, and Vincent and Zachary for boys. Lower in the Top 1000 you’ll find the Y names for both sexes, Yaretzi and Yusuf, plus Quinn and Uriel for boys. The deepest dive of all is for the most popular U name for girls: Unique leads that small pack at number 1730. 

Why does this matter? (Besides being fun for name nerds, of course.)

If you’re looking for a distinctive baby name, knowing which letters are over- and under-represented on the charts can help you narrow down your choices. Pick a name starting with F, and you know there’s nothing similar in the Top 100. Any Y name is guaranteed to stand out even more.

It also highlights gender differences. You may assume that names starting with J are very common, but actually, boy names starting with J are very common. For girls, you have to scroll down to number 86 before you find one (Josephine). That may reassure you if you love J names for girls but worry there are too many around.

These were the most popular baby names for each letter in the USA in 2020. The name’s rank is in brackets.

Ava (3), Alexander (10)

Brooklyn (54), Benjamin (7)

Charlotte (4), Carter (33)

Delilah (69), Daniel (14)

Emma (2), Elijah (4)

Freya (179), Finn (178)

Gianna (12), Grayson (35)

Harper (10), Henry (9)

Isabella (7), Isaac (39)

Josephine (86), James (6)

Kinsley (59), Kai (93)

Luna (14), Liam (1)

Mia (8), Mason (11)

Nora (30), Noah (2)

Olivia (1), Oliver (3)

Penelope (25), Parker (95)

Quinn (85), Quinn (440)

Riley (33), Ryan (57)

Sophia (5), Sebastian (19)

Taylor (161), Theodore (23)

Unique (1730), Uriel (462)

Victoria (34), Vincent (121)

Willow (48), William (5)

Ximena (129), Xavier (92)

Yaretzi (505), Yusuf (570)

Zoey (32), Zachary (135)


Top Nameberry Baby Names A to Z

We’ve seen the top American names… but what about the Nameberry charts?

This is the list of the most viewed names on Nameberry. It’s updated regularly, so it shows what parents-to-be are considering right now.

We’ve pulled out the most popular baby name for each letter on the Nameberry rankings.

Many of the girl names have a lyrical, romantic flavor: Berries prefer Beatrice to Brooklyn, Seraphina over Sophia. For boys, there are more vowel endings: Leo rather than Liam, Milo beats Mason. Many of Nameberry’s top A to Z names are on the rise rather than already popular, like Maeve, which has just broken into the US Top 200.

But some are the same as the US charts. For girls, Freya, Josephine, Luna and Nora are again the top name for their letter. And for boys, Finn, Isaac, Kai, Theodore, Vincent and Xavier remain the favorites. (There really aren’t that many options for boy names starting with X.) Quinn is once again the top Q name for both.

There are a few oddities, like the top girl name starting with K: Karen. It’s gotten a lot of attention recently, enough to put it at number 123 on our chart, but not because it’s an up-and-coming baby name. The fact that nothing outranks it highlights that K just isn’t the trendiest initial for Berries now. The next most popular K name, Kaia, is actually just below Karen on the chart.

These are the most popular baby names for each letter, A to Z, on Nameberry currently. Each names rank on the Nameberry chart is in brackets.

Aurora (4), Arlo (1)

Beatrice (79), Bodhi (51)

Cora (17), Caleb (14)

Daphne (37), Danger (10)

Eloise (6), Ezra (11)

Freya (11), Finn (6)

Genevieve (24), Gideon (72)

Hazel (8), Hugo (19)

Isla (3), Isaac (73)

Josephine (50), Jude (9)

Karen (123), Kai (3)

Luna (1), Leo (8)

Maeve (2), Milo (4)

Nora (25), Nico (52)

Ophelia (9), Oscar (17)

Phoebe (29), Phoenix (43)

Quinn (33), Quinn (256)

Rose (26), Rowan (13)

Seraphina (48), Silas (5)

Thea (52), Theodore (7)

Una (522), Uriah (647)

Violet (18), Vincent (149)

Wren (39), Wyatt (68)

Xochitl (838), Xavier (38)

Yara (534), Yoshi (1038)

Zara (44), Zachary (75)


Top Unique Baby Names A to Z

Just below the US Top 1000 is a great place to find names that are unusual, but not way out there. To give you a flavor, here is the highest-ranking one for each letter of the alphabet.

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