Italian variation of Luke and Lucas
"man from Lucania"

Luca Origin and Meaning

The name Luca is a boy's name of Italian origin meaning "man from Lucania".

The related Lucas and Luke are both hugely popular boy names in the US and internationally, and now Luca has joined them on boys' popularity lists around the world.

That's an astonishing success story for a name that was virtually unknown a generation ago. Only 13 baby boys were named Luca in the US in 1980, and by 1990 it was still only 32. But by the turn of the century, Luca took off and has now surpassed his more familiar brother Luke in the US.

Boy names ending in vowel sounds may have felt too feminine to early generations who lived by more conventional gender rules. And that old school he-man America also may have rejected names like Luca for being too "foreign". But in this era of Noah and Mateo, Elijah and Ezra, Luca has finally found widespread acceptance.

Along with its popularity in the US, Luca ranks highly in a range of countries that speak English, Spanish, French, and German, among others. While Luca is technically related to Luke and Lucas and so takes their ancient Roman habitational meaning, you might also see it as a relative of Lucius or Lucian, meaning light.

Colin Firth and his Italian wife chose Luca for one of their sons, as did Hilary Duff, Vincent d'Onofrio, Rebecca Minkoff, and Jacinda Barrett and Gabriel Macht.

# 24 in the US

Luca Rank in US Top 1000

# 56 on Nameberry

Luca Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Luca Popularity

Famous People Named Luca

  • Luca ToniItalian soccer player
  • Gianluca "Luca" CaputiCanadian ice hockey player
  • Luca Ion CaragialeRomanian poet
  • Luca Cordero di MontezemoloItalian automaker, chairman of Ferrari
  • Luca della RobbiaItalian sculptor
  • Luca NapolitanoItalian singer,songwriter
  • Luca Bartolomeo de PacioliItalian mathematician and accounting pioneer
  • Luca Giuseppe "Luke" PasqualinoEnglish actor
  • Luca George ProdanItalian,Argentine singer of band Sumo
  • Luca SbisaItalian,Swiss ice hockey player
  • Luca LanotteItalian ice dancer
  • Luca TurilliItalian musician of band Rhapsody of Fire
  • Luca ZidaneFrench footballer; son of footballer Zinedine Zidane
  • Luca Dottison of actress Audrey Hepburn
  • Luca Firth (b. 1990)son of actor Colin Firth
  • Luca Padovan (born 2003)American actor
  • Luca Palomo (b. 2000)son of actors Eduardo Palomo and Carina Ricco
  • Luca Dinsdale (b. 2005)son of actors Reece Dinsdale and Zara Turner
  • Luca Daniel Pino (b. 2006)son of actor Danny Pino
  • Luca Jones (b. 2006)late son of footballer Brad Jones
  • Luca D'Onofrio (b. 2008)son of American actor Vincent D'Onofrio
  • Luca Celico Leite (b. 2008)son of Caroline Celico and footballer Kaká
  • Luca Drexler (b. 2009)son of composer Jorge Drexler and actress Leonor Watling
  • Luca Simone (b. 2009)son of dancer and TV personality Vincent Simone
  • Luca Shai Bellour (b. 2011)son of designer Rebecca Minkoff
  • Luca Bradley (b. 2012)son of soccer player Michael Bradley
  • Luca Cruz Comrie (b. 2012)son of actress Hilary Duff and ice hockey player Mike Comrie
  • Luca DeLaGarza (b. 2013)late son of footballer A.J. DeLaGarza
  • Luca James Rich (b. 2014)son of singer John Rich & Joan Bush
  • Luca Macht (b. 2014)son of actors Jacinda Barrett & Gabriel Macht
  • Luca Sexton (b. 2014)son of rugby union player Johnny Sexton
  • London Luca Ridge (b. 2010)son of singer Carly Binding of TrueBliss and rugby league player Matthew Ridge
  • William Luca CostaMarsden (b. 2013), son of actor James Marsden
  • Luca Padovan (b. 2003) Broadway actor
  • Luca James Babcic (b. 2018)son of American journalist Poppy Harlow, sister to Sienna

Luca in Pop Culture

  • Luca Brassicharacter in movie "The Godfather"
  • Lucaa character in the Vampire Diaries series
  • "Luca" song by Brand New
  • Lucacharacter in anime "Black Butler"
  • Lucacity in video games Final Fantasy X and X,2.
  • Luca Jamesoncharacter on TV's "The Tomorrow People"
  • Lucathe cat from the video game "No Luca No"
  • Lucacharacter in the novel "Heir of Fire" by Sarah J. Maas
  • Luca Orlemdateable character from Shall we Date? Wizardess Heart
  • Duke Luca Abelecharacter in the video game Dishonored 2

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