Unique Baby Names: Fresh From the Faroes

December 17, 2019 Emma Waterhouse

What’s hot in the Faroe Islands?

Well… not much, if you’re talking about the weather! This autonomous Danish territory, located in the North Atlantic about halfway between Norway and Iceland, reaches a mean temperature of just 50°F during the summer months.

But if it’s unique and unconventional baby names you’re interested in, the recently released Faroese popularity charts are a real treasure trove!

With less than seven hundred babies born per year on the islands, even the most popular Faroese baby names are given to only a handful of children each year. In 2018, the top names were the impeccably international Eva (given to 11 girls) and Jákup (the Faroese form of Jacob, given to 8 boys).

Other international picks which feature highly on the Faroese popularity charts include modern favorites like Emma, Olivia and Anna on the girls’ side, and Elias, Liam and Silas on the boys’.

But there are also plenty of fascinating Faroese finds on the list — perfect for anyone looking for a truly off-the-beaten-track baby name.

40 Fresh Faroese Baby Names

Here, we round up twenty of the rarest and most intriguing new name discoveries to be made on the Faroese list, together with their meaning and approximate pronunciation in English.


Ábria: AH-bree-a, meaning unknown

Beinta: BEYN-ta, “blessed”

Bára: BEH-ra, “wave, billow”

Eia: EY-a, possibly “joy”

Elsba: ELS-ba, form of Elizabeth

Eydna: ED-na, “prosperity”

Glæma: GLEH-ma, “ray of light”

Hervør: HEHR-vur, “army woman”

Kinna: KIN-na, form of Katherine

Lóa: LOH-a, “plover”

Malan: MAL-an, form of Magdalena

Osla: OS-la, “betrothed”

: ROH, “tranquility”

Røskva: RUSK-va, “brave, vigorous”

Silvurlín: SIL-voor-leen, “silver; of the forest”

Smæra: SMEH-ra, “clover”

Sólrun: SOL-roon, “sun secret”

Tóra: TOH-ra, “Thor

Vár: VEHR, “truth”

Vón: VOHN, “hope”


Anfinn: AN-fin, “eagle wanderer”

Ási: AH-see, “god”

Áslak: AS-lak, “divine battle/game”

Eiri: EY-ree, “protection”

Finnleif: FIN-leyf, “wandering heir”

Flóvin: FLOH-vin, possibly “yellow, golden”

Hákun: HEH-koon, “high son”

Hanus: HAN-noos, form of John

Hugin: HOO-gin, “mind, spirit, thought”

Ísakur: EES-a-koor, form of Isaac

Jógvan: YOOG-van, form of John

Jóni: YOH-nee, form of John

Josva: YOS-va, form of Joshua

Kári: KEHR-ee, “curly hair; obstinate”

Magni: MAG-nee, “might”

Ørvar: UHR-vehr, “arrow”

Rúnar: ROO-nehr, possibly “secret army”

Sámal: SEH-mal, form of Samuel

Virgar: VIHR-gehr, “spear bearer”

Zakaris: SAK-a-rees, form of Zachary

Do you think any of these Faroese names are usable where you live? Which is your favorite — boy and girl? Let us know!

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