Popular Names in Slovenia

Popular names in Slovenia for 2019 were Ema — the Slovene version of Emma — and Luka, a variation of the Italian name Luca.

Along with Zala, other top girl names in Slovenia include Zala, Mia, Hana, and Julija. In addition to Luka, other top boy names include Filip, Mark, Nik, and Jakob.

Popular names in Slovenia reflect the country's blend of Slavic, Germanic, and Romance languages and cultures. Slavic names such as Mila and Aleks are common, as are Germanic names such as Ava and Oskar. Latinate names including Elena and Valentina, Leon and Mateo rank in the Slovene Top 100 as well.

Uniquely Slovene names on the charts include Inja and Pika for girls, Erazem and Tilen for boys.