"man from Lucania"

Luke Origin and Meaning

The name Luke is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "man from Lucania".

Luke is a cool-yet-strong Biblical name with a relaxed cowboy feel, which has been on the rise since the advent of Luke Skywalker.

Today, the Luke constellation of names is more popular than ever, with the ascendance of Top 10 Lucas and international star Luca. Luke ranks third in the group, but still stands in the US Top 50 and the Top 100 throughout the English-speaking world.

Luke originated as a short form of Lucas, a Latin derivation of the Greek name Loukas. The most famous bearer of the name is the first-century Greek physician—an evangelist and friend of Saint Paul, as well as the author of the third Gospel of the New Testament—who was also supposed to have been a portrait painter. He thus became the patron saint of doctors and artists.

Later Lukes have included Luke Duke of The Dukes of Hazzard, Cool Hand Luke, half of the classic soap opera duo of Luke and Laura, contemporary actors Luke Wilson and Luke Perry, and a number of star athletes.

While Luke, Lucas, Luca, and the French Luc all have the same root and meaning, Lucius and Lucian have a different origin and meaning -- the more evocative "light".

# 31 in the US

Luke Rank in US Top 1000

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Luke Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Luke Popularity

Famous People Named Luke

  • Coy Luther "Luke" PerryAmerican actor
  • Saint Luke1st century Greek physician and evangelist, author of the Biblical books of Luke and Acts
  • Luke Cunningham WilsonAmerican actor
  • Luke Aaron BenwardAmerican actor
  • Thomas Luther "Luke" BryanAmerican country singer
  • Luke HemsworthAustralian actor, brother to Chris & Liam Hemsworth
  • Luke Armstrongson of athlete Lance Armstrong
  • Luke Anthony Mark BrooksAustralian singer and comedian of the Janoskians troupe; twin brother Jaidon Domenic Matthew "Jai" Brooks
  • Luke Gallowsring name of Andrew "Drew" Hankinson, American pro wrestler
  • Luke Harperring name of Jon Huber, American pro wrestler
  • Luke Robert Hemmingsvocalist and guitarist of Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Luke KleintankAmerican actor
  • Luke KornsYoutube personality
  • Luke August KeuchlyAmerican NFL football player
  • Luke Robert RavenstahlAmerican politician
  • Lukas David "Luke" CutforthBritish vlogger
  • Luke Theodore WaltonAmerican basketball player and coach
  • Luke Asher WatsonSouth African rugby union player
  • Luke Campbell DonaldEnglish golfer
  • Lucas Daniel "Luke" EdwardsAmerican actor
  • Luke BarryIrish singer of duo The Luke & Duane Show
  • Luke EvansWelsh actor and singer
  • Luke FordCanadian,Australian actor
  • Luke TempleAmerican lead singer of group Here We Go Magic
  • Luca Giuseppe "Luke" PasqualinoBritish actor
  • Luke KellyIrish singer of The Dubliners
  • Luke Damon GossEnglish actor
  • Luke Anthony "Jocko" JohnsonEnglish drummer of Lostprophets and Amen
  • Steven Lee "Luke" LukatherAmerican guitarist of band Toto
  • Luke MitchellAustralian actor and model
  • Luke NorrisBritish actor and writer
  • Luke Hudson Gavigan (b. 2007)son of Jessica Capshaw and Christopher Gavigan
  • Luke Rhodes (b. 2008)son of American journalist Natalie Morales,Rhodes
  • Luke Sampson Busey (b. 2010)son of American actor Gary Busey
  • Luke Shilling (b. 2016)son of American soccer player Amy Rodriguez
  • Luke Yeo (b. 2017)son of Jamie Yeo
  • Eric "Luke" Trump (b. 2017)son of Eric and Lara Trump
  • Luke Richard Bagshawe (b. 2018)son of Eddie and Hannah Redmayne
  • Luke SmallboneAustralian,american Christian singer and songwriter

Luke in Pop Culture

  • Luke Skywalkermain character from the "Star Wars" series
  • "Cool Hand Luke" aka Luke Jacksoncharacter in the 1967 film of the same name
  • Luke Atmeycharacter in video game "Ace Attorney"
  • Luke Craincharacter in "The Haunting of Hill House"
  • Luke Sunbornmain character in Sarah Rees Brennan's "In Other Lands"
  • Luke Wrightmain character in the 2012 action film "Safe"
  • Luke Wardcharacter on TV's "The O.C."
  • Luke Castellancharacter in the "Percy Jackson & the Olympians" series
  • Luke Dukecharacter on TV's "The Dukes of Hazard"
  • Luke Rosscharacter on TV's "Jessie"
  • Luke Mathesoncharacter on TV's "Ravenswood"
  • Lucas "Luke" Danescharacter on TV's "Gilmore Girls"
  • Luke Spencercharacter on American soap "General Hospital"
  • Lucas "Luke" Dunphycharacter on TV's "Modern Family"
  • Luke Browercharacter on TV's "Growing Pains"
  • Luke Ramseycharacter on TV's "American Horror Story: Coven"
  • Luke O'Neilcharacter on TV's "Everything Sucks!"
  • Luke Mosbyson of Ted on TV's "How I Met Your Mother"
  • Luke Chisholmcharacter from movie "Seven Days in Utopia"
  • Luciano "Luke" Snydercharacter on American soap "As The World Turns"
  • Lucian "Luke" Graymark (Garroway)character in Cassandra Clare's "The Mortal Instruments" series
  • LukeCharacter in "The Walking Dead Game"
  • Luke Cage aka Power Mancharacter in Marvel Comics and TV's "Jessica Jones"
  • "Lucky Luke" Belgian comic book series and its main character
  • Lukecharacter on TV's "The Tribe"
  • Luke Bakercharacter on TV's "Degrassi"
  • Luke fon Fabrethe main character of the video game "Tales of the Abyss"
  • Luke Smithcharacter on British TV series "The Sarah Jane Adventures"
  • Luke the Warriormouse character in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques
  • Luke Tritoncharacter in the Professor Layton video games
  • Luke Coopercharacter from TV's "The Office"
  • Lukecharacter from book and movie "The Ritual"
  • Lukea narrow gauge tank engine from the animated series “Thomas and Friends”

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