Popular Names in Switzerland

Popular names in Switzerland for 2022 were Emma and Noah — both also Top 10 names in the United States.

Along with Emma, other popular girl names in Switzerland include Mia, Sofia, Emilia, and Lina. In addition to Noah, the top boy names include Liam, Matteo, Leon, and Luca.

Switzerland has four national languages — German, French, Italian, and Romansh — and the government records data at the regional level.

In German-speaking regions, the most popular baby names are Noah and Liam, Emilia and Mia.

In French-speaking areas, the top names are Noah and Gabriel, Alice and Emma.

In Italian-speaking regions, parents' favorite names are Leonardo and Liam, Sofia and Aurora.

And in the tiny Romansch-speaking population, the most popular names — given to three babies each — are Jan and Mauro, Lia and Sofia.

Swiss names — those with uniquely Swiss origins — are few and far between, and many ultimately have Germanic roots. Swiss place names are currently fashionable internationally, with names like Geneva, Moritz, and Basel popping up on name lists.

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