Naming Multiples in Style!

Naming Multiples in Style!

It’s official: the Berries are the pros at naming multiples in style!

August’s Babyberry birth announcements feature not one, not two, but three sets of gorgeous twin names for girls. (Plus a set of triplets!!)

Proving that long baby names can still feel fresh and lively, there were three fantastic five-syllable girl names among the latest arrivals: Alexandrina, Annunciata and Emmanuella. Other long and lovely choices include Roxana, Serafina, Magdalene and Isidore.

We love seeing the creative nicknames our members are using, like AmeliaAmes and MabelBillie”, as well as intriguing gender-bending names for both sexes, like Aaren for a girl and Florence for a boy.

You can find the full list of August arrivals below!

Girl Names

Amelia ClaireAmes”, twin of Edith Aaren

Amelia and Edith are honor names and great ways to get to the amazing nicknames Edie and Ames, which we’re calling them most of the time.”

Daisy Karaya, sister to Ophelia Maple and Ramona Soleil

“We chose Karaya for my husband’s Taíno heritage, it means ‘moon’ in Taíno.”

Edith AarenEdie”, twin of Amelia Claire

Claire is a name I’ve always loved, and Aaren is a more feminine spelling of my brother’s name.”

Emmanuella Miriam Serafina, twin of Martina Ruth Annunciata and sister to Giuseppe Avraham Christopher

“I am Jewish so we’re raising the kids Jewish, hence them all having a Hebrew name.”

Freya Mabel, triplet of Maeve Kristina and Elijah Magnus

“Back in early June I could not think of a name for my second girl, and that’s when I discovered Freya on here!”

Honor Genevieve, sister to Dahlia and Lionel

“Her big siblings have been calling her ‘Nono’, which might stick just because it came so naturally to her brother and sister.”

Kitty Emma Alexandrina, twin of Roxana Margaret Magdalene and sister to Natalia Ysabel Anastasia and Aeron John Michelangelo

Alexandrina is the real first name of Queen Victoria. This was inspired by a Berry who suggested Alexandra to us. Now Alexandra isn’t a name I love, but Alexandrina is another level. So much love for the royal family and as Queens’ names go, we don’t think our daughter could do much better than this.”

Lena Irene

“Thank you for all of the help deciding on her name and the support!”

Mabel WinterBillie”, sister to Indigo Jane and Lola River Frances

“Thank you so so much to all of the Berries who helped with opinions and suggestions and got us to the final name which wouldn’t have been considered otherwise!”

Maeve Kristina, triplet of Freya Mabel and Elijah Magnus

“It was definitely up in the air for a while, but MIL liked Kristina over Kristin and didn’t mind it not being a direct honor name.”

Martina Ruth Annunciata, twin of Emmanuella Miriam Serafina and sister to Giuseppe Avraham Christopher

“Husband and I are both Italian-American and love old school, tradition Italian names (clearly). All three of the kids have a mix of family names as well as just names that we love generally.”

Neve Violet, sister to Elijah Bloom, Afton Rose and Poppy Iris

“I decided to stick with our flower theme and picked Neve to offset the other two sisters. I didn’t want something too feminine that would make Afton feel left out, and I tend to go for less common names. Irish name Neve was the perfect compromise.”

Roxana Margaret Magdalene, twin of Kitty Emma Alexandrina and sister to Natalia Ysabel Anastasia and Aeron John Michelangelo

Magdalene is from Mary Magdalene, who in my mind is one of the more misunderstood and certainly more interesting women in the bible. We are Church of England family and whilst we aren’t christening our kids (they can make up there own minds when their old enough), I love the name Magdalene as it’s synonymous with the biblical figure.”

Boy Names

Amory Keith Rudolph

Rudolph is my surname. We considered it as a first name too (nn Rudy) but ultimately thought that might be too much. My husband and I don’t care for double-barrelled surnames, so decided to keep my name in the family by making it a middle name for our child(ren).”

Cole Joseph, brother to Grant and Reid

“Thanks to all the Berries for helping us pick the perfect name for our third boy! I struggled up to the end to find the perfect fit… grateful for your help!”

Darcy Samuel James, brother to Violet Elizabeth Rose and Hugo Alexander John

Samuel is an honour name for my father in law and James is my husband’s name. We live in Australia where Darcy is seen more as a masculine name rather than feminine or unisex.”

Elijah Magnus, triplet of Maeve Kristina and Freya Mabel

Isidore Florence, brother to Lucien Bailey

“We named him Isidore (after my great-great-grandfather but mostly because I fell in love with this name) Florence (after my great grandmother Frida whom sadly no one was named after before him because good F names are hard to find)”

Our warmest congratulations to all of the proud new parents!

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