Gender: Female Origin of Lena: English, Scottish, Dutch, German, and Scandinavian, diminutive of various names ending in lena Lena's Popularity in 2019: #267

Lena Origin and Meaning

The name Lena is a girl's name of English origin.

This pet form of Helena and other ena-ending names, long used as an independent name, is attracting notice again as an option both multicultural and simple. Lena was a Top 100 name from 1880 to 1920.

A past inspiration might be the lovely singer Lena Horne, a contemporary one is the hot creator of and actress in Girls, Lena Dunham, another might be Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey.

Lena Grove is a simple but strong character in William Faulkner's Light in August.

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Rank in US: #267

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Famous People Named Lena

Pop Culture References for the name Lena

Lina, Leena, Leina

Lena's International Variations

Leni (Dutch)


Voltage Says:



Bored Moe Says:


For what it’s worth, Lena is also an Arabic name. There are 2 ways to spell it in Arabic with a minor difference in pronunciation but a huge difference in meaning and origin:
1. Lena - pronounced: Lee-nuh. It means a palm tree. Palm trees are special for Muslims in general and Arabs in particular so the name carries a certain weigh of cultural/religious reverence. The name is thought to be of Hebrew origins and is originally derived from a root that means “softness/amiability”. Luna is a variation to the same root.
2. Lena - pronounced: Lee-na m. Meaning a highly attractive/desired female. Thought to be of Latin origins, short for either Madeline, Magdalena or Carolina.
Source: AlMaany Name Dictionary.

Karen Says:


I think I would use it as a middle name since it's my grandmother's middle name. Just not sure what other name it would go with it.

LoveLoop Says:


Lena is a very common name in Germany and all my friends are complaining about how annoying and common this name is.

But I've never even met a Lena and I'm kinda crushing on this name right now.

My favorite pronounciation of this name has to be Leh-na because that's the way it's pronounced in my country and I never really heard another pronunciation of Lena before.

Leonina Says:


Tth traditional and proper way *where you live*.

the "some people" that might call her Leh-nuh or Le-nu might just be those that are accustomed to an other "proper and traditional" proununciation.

¨^Lena has been primarily used in Slavic countries, countries with Germanic languages, Italy, Scandinavian countries etc... And Lee-na isn't the traditional pronunciation in any of those countries.

I'm not trying to argue or tell you that you shouldn't say Lee-na. But it's certainly not the traditional pronunciation in any of the countries of origin.

So maybe you shouldn't look forward to giving them dumb looks.
Beause if that's your reaction to hearing "Leh-nuh/Le-nu etc" they might simply assume that you were too lazy to look up the traditional pronunciation of your daughter's name...

Bella Mia Says:


I remembered this name as Lena Duchannes from Beautiful Creatures. It's prn. Lee-na in the movie (which btw SUCKED) but I always prn. it Leh-na. Ik there are many different ways to prn it, I prn it differently myself at times. :)

kittylover777 Says:


You shouldn't go around saying "this is the proper and traditional pronunciation" because everywhere you go it's different. For example, in the Netherlands and Germany it's traditionally pronounced "Lay-nuh" which is personally my fave variation.

kittylover777 Says:


There have been many Lena's in my family, but they all pronounce it Lay-nuh because they are Dutch. I think this would be an awesome name/nickname/middlename for a future daughter!

ElenaCroatia Says:


I completely agree with @luella_madison. Lee-na is probably not the proper pronouncitaion, but I don't want to start an argument because you obviously live in an English-speaking country. I am just trying to say that the majority of world's population pronounces it Leh-na, and that is the fact.

Same thing happens over and over when people from English-speaking countries choose to ignore proper prn. and mispronounce names like Helena, Milena or Jelena. I can assure you that the "traditional" and "proper" prn. of this name in Germany, the Netherlands and Slavic countries and probably other countries is Leh-na.

Instead of giving other people dumb looks when *you* are the one not pronouncing it "traditionally" or "properly", why don't you explain it to them? My name is constantly mispronounced and I just correct them, I don't "look forward to giving them dumb looks". Maybe you should try that sometimes.

VelvetEar Says:


Would love if it didn't have such a negative connotation to me. Lena Dunham...just thinking about her makes me gag a little. Dunham aside, lovely name.

luella_madison Says:


Proper is subjective, depending on where you're from and how you talk. Still a pretty name though.

Adam Says:


We named our daughter Lena Sydney and pronounce her name the traditional (and proper) way, Lee-na.

We anticipate that some people unexposed to the name Lena and its proper pronunciation will call her "Len-ah" or "Lynn-ah" . We look forward to giving them dumb looks!

roseofjune Says:


Is it Lay-na? Lee-na? Leh-na? Who knows! Anything goes!

fromtheocean12 Says:


I've always pronounced it Lee-na

lissrose30 Says:


I would pronounce this as Lee-na.

lissrose30 Says:


This name is simple yet super sweet.

kertheshe Says:


I love how it's an actual name in almost every language. Great for families with mixed nationalities.

Lena_Aline Says:


The nicknames that come with this name are unbearable! Lena Jelly Beana, Lena Candy Cana. . .

monkeyboo Says:


This is my daughter's name (born in 2015). We pronounce it Lee-na. Such a beautiful name. It's not common so it's somewhat unique without being silly/made up like so many people do when they want to be unique or inventive.

Koilada Says:


This is my nickname (my name is Madeleine, for reference) and I love it. Of course, it uses the "Leh - na" pronounciation, but it's pretty either way. I like it much better than Maddie, a nickname of which I loathe.

So by my own experience, I think it's a nice name.

Lena Marie Nelson Says:


My name's Lena, it's pronounced Lee-na for me... there are derivatives for Lay-na and Len-uh, but generally unless it's shortened, it'll be Lee-na. :)

Myosotis Says:


I say Lay-nuh, because one of my best friend's mum's name is Lena, and that's how she says it. I think that's my favourite pronunciation personally.

Heather40 Says:


I love this name. I have always pronounced it Lee-na to myself, though, since I've never actually met a Lena in person. I just noticed that nameberry says it's derived from Helena. So now I wonder... am I mispronouncing it? Would most of you pronounce it Leh-na? Either way is very pretty, but my (perhaps misguided) preference is Lee-na since then it doesn't feel like a derivative of another name.

mabespark Says:


So pretty and underused.

rabia_chrisden Says:


I love this name. It's so beautiful.