Gender: Male Meaning of Isidore: "gift of Isis" Origin of Isidore: Greek

Isidore Origin and Meaning

The name Isidore is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "gift of Isis".

Isabel and Isadora are back: could it now be time for a more widespread revival of Isidore? In 2014, both Isidore and Isadore were on the list of fastest-rising names in the US.

A common ancient Greek name belonging to several saints--including Saint Isidore the Ploughman, patron saint of Madrid and the great encyclopedist St. Isidore of Seville, whose work formed the basis of much medieval knowledge--Isidore was adopted by Spanish Jews to the point where it was almost their exclusive property.

In addition to the obvious Izzy, another traditional nickname is Dore/Dory.

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Famous People Named Isidore

Pop Culture References for the name Isidore

Dory, Dore, Isadore, Izzy, Isador

Isidore's International Variations

Ecidro, Esidoro, Chidro, Esidor, Cidro, Esidore, Esidro, Cedro, Ecedro, Hisidro (Italian) Ysidoro, Ysidor, Isadoro, Isidro, Ishico, Sidro, (Spanish)


penelope_lynson Says:


My father’s name. I absolutely love it! Nn Izzy is cute.

FractalShadow Says:


I used to like this name, but now all I hear is "Is a door."

ceruleanstardust Says:


You could always say "gift of the goddess Isis", just to clarify.

ambercat Says:


The are talking about Isis, the ancient Egyptian goddess who was the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus. The name Isidore/Isadore predates the ISIS you are talking about by quite a few years.

ambercat Says:


Admittedly, Theodore is currently my favorite male name but my concerns about it have more to do with my feelings/notions about the nickname Ted than the name being overly popular. I suspect that the reasons why people are not using Isidore/Isadore or Salvadore as much as Theodore might have to do with many people in the US linking the names [Isidore/Isadore and Salvadore] with certain ethnic groups and being hesitant to use the name for their little boy if they aren't a member of that ethnic group (just IMO), where ~dore name Theodore doesn't come with those kind of ethnic connections. Maybe I'm weird but I prefer the spelling Isadore to Isidore.

Eu Says:


I love Isidore too (as well as Theodore). It's very near the top of my list if I ever have a boy. I would imagine it's not being touted as a replacement to "overdone" Theodore in the lines of Isadora/Isabella because Theodore is not quite so overdone for people who aren't name fanatics. It came in at 83 with under 5,000 boys born last year as opposed to Isabella being number 5 for girls and approaching 15,000 babies (plus all the Isabelles and Isabels and Bellas).

But I definitely support the rediscovery of Isidore!

christineolteanu Says:


Isidore has two meanings
-Gift of Isis (referring to the Egyptian god Isis) (this is the Egyptian meaning)
-Gifted with many good ideas (this is the Spanish meaning)
I don't think either meaning is a problem (though I particularity love the second), and if people bring up the terrorist group just remind them that there are 6 saints by this name. These saints are Isidore of Bakanja, Isidore of Alexandria, Isidore of Pelusium, Isidore of Saint Joseph, Isidore of Seville and Isidore the Farmer. In my opinion all good associations for a little boy.

ccmrath Says:


I agree! I came across the name Isidore in a book I was reading, and I really just wasn't familiar with it until then. It's such a handsome and intriguing classic. I would love to meet a little Isidore! This is such a great name.

The whole meaning? Not a huge deal. The Isis in the meaning is different than the modern ISIS... people would have to reach really far to take issue with this. After all, Thomas means twin and that doesn't seem to matter at all. :)

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


Theodore is a name I've loved for quite some time, but I point-blank refuse to use it due to its nauseating level of popularity. With that in mind, I'm surprised that it's taken me so long to find this similar, but far more pleasantly obscure name, and I'm doubly surprised by the fact that hardly anyone else seems to have noticed it either! Even the feminine version Isadora, which is still relatively rare, has amassed quite the following over the last year or so.

Which begs the question - if Isadora is seen as the fresh version of tired old Isabella, then why is Isidore not being hailed as an innovative revamp of the overdone Theodore, or seen as a cool name all on its own? Is it because people are afraid to stray from the handful of "safe" classics that are typically used for boys? Or is it that Isidore has remained under the radar for so long that people genuinely don't know it exists? One has to wonder.

Regardless, I think it's a pretty interesting choice and given how underrated and seemingly neglected it is, it's becoming a more attractive prospect to me by the second. "Izzy" is a fairly cute nickname, and I happen to think that the meaning is absolutely beautiful as I am capable of distinguishing between an ancient Egyptian goddess and an unrelated modern terrorist group, so I don't see any reason why I (or anyone else, for that matter) should reject this name. Overall, I think Isidore/Isadore is stunning, and if no one else is interested in using it, I may just have to use it myself.

esita Says:


IZZ ih dor.

Impwood Says:


Is it "IZZ-ih-dor" or "EYE-zih-dor"?

ShannonLim Says:


"gift of Isis" - well I definitely don't like the Isis connection

Sunflowerist Says:


oops didn't reply straight to you, but what is wrong with the meaning?

Sunflowerist Says:


what is wrong with the meaning?

ShannonLim Says:


This name is sure intriguing, unique and handsome but looking at the meaning immediately makes me hesitant about liking this.