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Gender: Female Pronunciation: EE-dee Meaning of Edie: "prosperous in war" Origin of Edie: English, diminutive of Edith

The name Edie is a girl's name of English origin meaning "prosperous in war". Edie and is often added to lists like Hipster Baby Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "CAFs Based on my Childhood Friend Group".

From the experts:

Edie is part of the Evie-Ellie et al family of cute and friendly short forms that sometimes stand on its own. Briefly popular in the 1960's, it could well be due for rediscovery.

Several Ediths have chosen to be known by this pet form, including socialite and Andy Warhol superstar Edie Sedgwick, actress Edie Falco, singer Edie Brickell and the Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy relatives called Big and Little Edie in the iconic documentary Grey Gardens. Edie Britt was the character portrayed by Nicolette Sheridan in Desperate Housewives.

British actress Samantha Morton chose Edie for her daughter as did Keira Knightly in 2015. We think Edie is going to continue to rise in the coming years.

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Famous People Named Edie

Edie Arlisa Brickell, American singer
Edith "Edie" Falco, American actress
Edie Adams (born Edith Elizabeth Enke), American actress and singer
Edie McClurg, American actress
Edie Martin, English actress
Edith Minturn "Edie" Sedgwick, American socialite and actress
Edith "Edie" Massey, American actress and singer
Edie Campbell, English model
Edith "Edie" Windsor, American gay marriage activist and plaintiff
Edie Mirman, American actress
Edie Parker, first wife of Jack Kerouac
Edith Ewing Bouvier, aka "Big Edie"; and Edith Bouvier Beale, aka "Little Edie" - American socialites (mother/daughter). featured in documentary "Grey Gardens"
Edie Holm, daughter of Samantha Morton & Harry Holm
Edie Righton, daughter of Keira Knightley and James Righton
Edie Murray, daughter of Andy Murray and Kim Sears

Pop Culture References for the name Edie

Edie Grant, Lou's wife on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"
Great Aunt Edie, character on TV's "The Middle"
Edie Britt Williams, character on TV's "Desperate Housewives"
Edie Athens, character in movie "Be Cool"
Edie Smith, character on British soap "EastEnders"
Edie, baby girl character on TV's "Grandfathered"
"Edie & Pen," 1996 film
Edie Eisenhardt, a character in the X-men comics (the mother of Magneto, Earth-616)
Edie Lehnsherr, a character in the X-men movies/comics (the mother of Magneto, Earth-10005)

Edy, Edeigh, Edi, Edea, Edee


Lizzy Lou Says:


There most definitely is a way around it. Edie isn't that obscure of a name. There are a lot of famous Edie's.

Lizzy Lou Says:


The main character of Absolutely Fabulous goes by Eddy and she's an Edina, so Edna would work too. That being said, Edie is pronounced ee-dee, not like Eddie.

Lizzy Lou Says:


It's def EE-dee. It's a nickname, mostly for Edith (which is ee-dith, not ed-ith, so ee-dee makes sense) or maybe Eden.

Carolinekalmes Says:


Felt the same way-- what about Eden? 😊

bearcub27 Says:


I love Edie, but sometimes I hesitate with giving a modern girl the full name Edith. It's a bit dusty and clunky. Meredith with the nickname Edie is more palatable to me at times. Either way, Edie is adorable and I'd love to meet a little girl with that name, perhaps even have one of my own :)

Marlz81 Says:


Lovely name❤

WiseBird39 Says:


I love this name, but I don't think it would (in my opinion) really be able to stand on it's own. I would love it as a nickname for Edith, though!

juliabrowneyes Says:


I was confused about the pronunciation too. I think I prefer Eddie though, because ee-dee doesn't really sound like a name to me; it actually kind of reminds me of E.T. the alien....

ThistleThorn Says:


it's pronounced like -ee-dee. I feel like a lot of people might mispronounce it like Eddie.

Waverly123 Says:


How is this pronounced? I've been pronouncing it Ee-dee. Eddie is ok, but to me is all boy. Edie (Ee-dee) fits with Evie...

ThistleThorn Says:


For some reason I think that twins named Edith "Edie" and Edward "Eddie" would be super cute. I have a thing for twins with alliteration names.

unicornluvgirl Says:


This is adorable! The best spelling. I actually think that Eddie would be a cute nickname for Edna.

unicornluvgirl Says:



basilietea Says:


Edie is so cute! I actually really like this, but it just struck me how similar it is to Eddie...

MaryKathryn Says:


Lovely name! I love Edith as a full name and Edie as a nickname.

iwillpraise Says:


Edie is pretty adorable, even though there's no way around the mispronunciation Eddie..