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Gender: Male Meaning of Cole: "swarthy, coal black" Origin of Cole: English Cole's Popularity in 2017: #115

The name Cole is a boy's name of English origin meaning "swarthy, coal black". Cole is ranked #115 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Middle Names for Boys and discussed in our forums with posts like "Love, Like, Lose... Name Game- BOYS".

From the experts:

Cole -- a short name that embodies a lot of richness and depth -- has long been associated with the great songwriter Cole Porter. It's quite popular in Scotland.

Old King Cole -- which refers to a real British king -- is familiar to all kids. Cole was the name of the child in The Sixth Sense and was also the name of -- sorry -- the notorious outlaw Cole Younger, who was born Thomas Coleman.

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Famous People Named Cole

Cole Becker, lead singer of American rock band SWMRS
Cole Mitchell Sprouse, American actor; twin brother Dylan
Cole Albert Porter, American composer
Thomas Coleman "Cole" Younger, American Confederate soldier and outlaw
Cole Kenneth Hauser, American actor
Cole Dickson Beasley, American football player
Nicholas Holland "Cole" Grossman, American soccer player
Cole Alan Pendery, American musician
Colbert Michael "Cole" Hamels, American baseball player
Cole Whitt, American NASCAR driver
Cole David Aldrich, American basketball player
Cole Swindell, American singer
Cole LaBrant, American Viner and YouTuber
Cole James (b. 1981), son of actress Jess Walton and John James
Cole Patrick Cassidy, son of American actor Patrick Cassidy
Cole Jovanovski (b. 2006), son of ice hockey player Ed Jovanovski; twin sister Coco
Cole Pally (b. 2012), son of actor Adam Pally
Cole Pedroia (b. 2012), son of baseball player Dustin Pedroia
Cole Hersch, comedian

Pop Culture References for the name Cole

Old King Cole, nursery rhyme character
Cole Turner, character on TV's "Charmed"
Cole Johnson, character in movie "The Babysitter"
Cole, the Black Ninja from in the Ninjago series
Cole Ortiz, character on TV's "24"
Cole Aaronson, character on TV's "Scrubs"
Cole Sear, character in movie "The Sixth Sense"
Cole Holland, character in film "Mr. Holland's Opus"
Cole Brown, character on TV's "Martin"
Cole St Clair, character in Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver trilogy
Cole, character in movie "Friends with Kids"
Cole, potential companion in Dragon Age: Inquisition
Cole Phelps, character in video game L.A Noire

Coal, Colby, Coleman, Colis, Collier, Collyer, Kohl, Kole


TechnoKitten Says:


makes me think of Coca Cola,and I don't like coca cola.Not bad name though.

Madeline Hack Says:


Not a fan of it, personally. I immediately think of lumps of coal when I hear it.

Fictionprincess Says:


I ADORE This name more than words can say. Cole will be a strong name potential if I ever have a son-if not THE name. It's short, simple (easy to write, easy to remember) attractive, masculine & handsome. I can definitely picture a future son on mine running around named Cole

FeatherWrites Says:


I love this name! It's very pretty and simple, for a boy or a girl.

Nicole Says:


My name is Nicole but my mother has been calling me Cole my whole life (I'm 33 now), which I've always loved because of how soft and gentle it sounds, which is very different to the strong and masculine comments I'm reading, so maybe Australians just have a nicer way of pronouncing it??? My mother and Aunt even got into a two month long feud when I asked her to stop calling me Nick, Nicky, because I hate how harsh those sound. Also, little kids (I work with them) can never get the Ni part, but Cole they say with no problem (and very cutely!) over and over because of how easy it rolls off the tongue. I get Colesy too, which is fine with me :) If I had a son I would use Cole as his middle name, and it works well with basically any first name. I have proudly adopted the name Cole :D

RoddyThlayli Says:


Love this name! It's also Greek, meaning people's victory. Short form of Nicholas, I think.

Rush1986 Says:


I like this name. I think it ages really well and is very masculine.

DearestJules Says:


When I was younger and the Kardashian family was starting to become famous and appear in magazines, I misread Khloe Kardashian's name as Khole (like a creative spelling of Cole) and to this day I still read her name like "Cole" in my head, though I know now that it's really supposed to be Chloe. Honestly it took me years to notice I was saying it wrong.

rie Says:


It reminds me of two twins I knew, one was named Cole (or Kole?) and the other was named Kevin. I think of fire (like coal) This used to be one of my favorite names, but not anymore... I don't know, just not my taste anymore.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


I think this is a very strong and masculine name.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


My younger brother is called Cole too!! I like this spelling the most though.

Elizabethclaire Says:


My younger brother is called Cole but I personally prefer the 'Kol' spelling

NaomiNY Says:


I don't like it either. Makes me think of what misbehaving children get in their Christmas stockings: lumps of COLE :(

Plutophelia Says:


reminds me of like a big hunk of poop. just so harsh and smelly. COLE. ew.