Spanish variation of Isabel
"pledged to God"

Ysabel Origin and Meaning

The name Ysabel is a girl's name of Spanish origin.
Ysabel is the original spelling of this ever-more-popular name, though to English-speakers, the initial Y may confuse pronunciation.

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Famous People Named Ysabel

  • Ysabel MacCloskeyAmerican actress
  • Ysabel BirkbeckBritish WWII ambulance driver and memoirist
  • Ysabel Caroline BirkbeckBritish toymaker; mother of the above
  • Ysabel Paige BrownDaughter of Kody & Christine Brown of TV's "Sister Wives"
  • Ysabel Jordan (b. 2014)daughter of basketball player Michael Jordan; twin of sister Victoria
  • Ysabel Angel Sanchez (b. 2014)daughter of basketball player Orlando Sanchez