"my God has answered"

Eliana Origin and Meaning

The name Eliana is a girl's name of Hebrew, Greek, Latin origin meaning "my God has answered".

Eliana is a lilting, rhythmic choice, which has caught on in the US and other English-speaking countries, along with many other El-starting names.

The Hebrew name Eliana was taken from the elements el, meaning "God" and ana, meaning "answered." Eliana also has roots as a variation of the Late Latin name Aeliana, a feminization of the male given name Aelianus, itself derived from the Roman family name Aelius. Aelius is related to the Greek word helios, which refers to the Sun.

A widely multi-cultural choice, Eliana is heard in Israel, Spain, Portugal, Russia and Italy. The pretty French version is Eliane.

One celebrity who chose it for his daughter is Christian Slater.

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Eliana Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Eliana Popularity

Famous People Named Eliana

  • Eliana GirardAmerican dancer
  • Eliana RamosUruguayan model
  • Eliana Michaelichen BezerraBrazilian TV hostess
  • Hilda Eliana Tenorio PatinoMexican bullfighter
  • Eliana Yvette Pinckneydaughter of Clementa C. Pinckney, killed in the Charleston mass shooting
  • Eliana Sophia Slater (b. 2001)daughter of actor Christian Slater
  • Eliana Zamprogna (b. 2012)daughter of actor Dominic Zamprogna

Eliana in Pop Culture

  • Eliana Wyntera character in the movie "The Howling: Reborn"

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