Vivian Origin and Meaning

The name Vivian is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "life".

Vivian, once an elderly lady name, is on the rise, along with all form of girl names that mean life -- from Zoe to Eva to those who share the vivid Viv syllable. It was one of the fastest-rising names of 2023, vaulting into the Top 100.

The name is famous in legend and literature from Vivian, the enchantress of Merlin in the Arthurian romances, spelled Vivien in Tennyson's Idylls of the King. Originally Vivian was the male form, Vivien the female: Vivien Leigh, for some reason, changed her name from Vivian. Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone have a daughter named Vivian, as do Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady. A memorable movie Vivian was played by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

Vivienne, the elaborated Gallic version, chosen first by Rosie O'Donnell for her daughter and then catapulted to superstardom when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie used it for their twin daughter. This celebrity stamp of approval has given Vivienne a recent boost in popularity. An adult namesake is the British designer Vivienne Westwood.

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Vivian Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Vivian Popularity

Famous People Named Vivian

  • Vivian Roberta VanceAmerican actress
  • Vivian Alferetta DandridgeAmerican actress
  • Vivian Leighbirth name of Viven Leigh, English actress
  • Vivian RichAmerican actress
  • Vivian GreenAmerican singer
  • Vivian JosephAmerican figure skater
  • Vivian HsuTaiwanese singer
  • Vivian ChowCantonese pop singer/actress
  • Vivian LaiCantonese pop singer
  • Vivian BlaineAmerican actress
  • Vivian Jepkemoi CheruiyotKenyan Olympic distance runner
  • Vivian Lake Brady (b. 2012)daughter of supermodel Gisele Bundchen and football player Tom Brady
  • Vivian Falconedaughter of actors Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone
  • Vivian Maier (19262009), American street photographer and nanny in Chicago's North Shore
  • Vivian Giuntoli (b. 2019)daughter of actors Bitsie Tulloch and David Giuntoli

Vivian in Pop Culture

  • Vivian Alamain Kiriakischaracter on TV soap "Days of Our Lives"
  • Vivian Wardmain character played by Julia Roberts in movie "Pretty Woman"
  • Vivian Banks aka "Aunt Viv" character on TV's "The Fresh Prince of Bel,Air"
  • Vivian Sternwoodcharacter in "The Big Sleep"
  • Vivian Volkoffcharacter on TV's "Chuck"
  • Vivian Joan Abbot Walkercharacter in "Divine Secrets of the Ya,Ya Sisterhood"
  • Vivian Regancharacter in "The Big Sleep"
  • Viviancharacter in the novel 'Goddess of Legend' (PC Cast)
  • Vivian Kensingtoncharacter in Legally Blonde
  • Viviancharacter in DeadEnd
  • Vivian Darkbloomthe alter ego of Alison DiLaurentis in the "Pretty Little Liars" series
  • Viviana Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door character

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