Spanish variation of Camilla
"young ceremonial attendant"

Camila Origin and Meaning

The name Camila is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "young ceremonial attendant".

The Spanish Camila, pronounced ka-MEE-la, is the fastest rising version of this ancient Roman name, but recent royal Camilla may have helped promote the British brand.

Camila is one of the top baby names in California for girls. Along with the US, Camila ranks highly in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America.

In Roman myth, Camilla was a swift-footed huntress so fast she could run over a field without bending a blade of grass. Pop star Camila Cabello used her first name for her debut album.

# 13 in the US

Camila Rank in US Top 1000

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Camila Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Camila Popularity

Famous People Named Camila

  • Camila Ía González SodiMexican singer, actress and model
  • (Karla) Camila CabelloCuban,American former singer of Fifth Harmony
  • (Maria) Camila O'GormanArgentine socialite and figure of scandal
  • Camila GiorgiItalian tennis player
  • Camila Martins PereiraBrazilian footballer
  • Camila Carraro MendesBrazilian,American actress
  • Camila Alves McConaugheyBrazilian model, wife of actor Matthew McConaughey
  • Camila CastilloVenezuelan fashion designer and contestant on TV's "Under the Gunn"
  • Camila Bordonaba (Roldán)Argentinian actress/singer
  • Camila PitangaBrazilian actress
  • Camila VezzosoMiss Uruguay 2012
  • Camila NakagawaBrazilian reality TV personality
  • Camila Silva (Espinoza)Chilean tennis player
  • Camila Fernandez (Guinart) (b. 1993)daughter of singer Alejandro Fernandez; twin of sister América
  • Camila Islas (Villasaña) (b. 2002)daughter of actor Mauricio Islas and singer Patricia Villasaña
  • Camila Peralta Moussier (b. 2003)daughter of actress Sabine Moussier
  • Camila Cora (b. 2004)daughter of baseball player Alex Cora
  • Camila Galavis (Rodriguez) (b. 2009)daughter of footballer and reality TV personality Juan Pablo Galavis ("The Bachelor") and actress Carla Rodriguez
  • Camila Victoria Cutié (b. 2010)daughter of author, TV personality and former priest Albert Cutié
  • Camila Arredondo (Hernández) (b. 2013)daughter of actors Héctor Arredondo and Carla Hernández

Camila in Pop Culture

  • Camila aka La Pericholehighly talented and bewitching actress in 'The Bridge of San Luis Rey' (1927) by Thornton Wilder
  • Camila Floresmain character in Mexican telenovela "Camila"
  • CamilaMexican soft rock band
  • Camila Paigecharacter in TV series "Major Crimes"
  • Camila Rosariocharacter in Broadway's 'In The Heights'

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