"scarlet, red"

Scarlett Origin and Meaning

The name Scarlett is a girl's name of English origin meaning "scarlet, red".

Scarlett Johansson is doing more for this sparky southern name than Scarlett O'Hara ever did. Since the turn of the 21st century, Scarlett has gone from an obscure literary name to one of the most popular girls' names starting with S, right after longtime favorites Sophia and Sofia.

F Scarlett originated as an occupational surname, denoting a person who sold scarlet, a luxury wool cloth produced in Medieval Europe. The word is thought to derive from the Arabic siklāt, referring to silks dyed with kermes. The fanciest, favorite color was scarlet red.

Sylvester Stallone's third 'S' daughter, following Sophia and Sistine, is Scarlet (one 't', as in the color) and The White Stripes' Jack White and Karen Elson also have a Scarlett, as do Molly Sims and Rob Schneider. The Mick Jaggers were ahead of the curve when they chose Scarlett for the middle name of their daughter Elizabeth in 1984.

In the Margaret Mitchell novel Gone With the Wind, Scarlett was the main character's grandmother's maiden name—she was actually named Katie O'Hara. The name entered the Top 1000 in 1940, a year after the movie of Gone With the Wind was released. Scarlett has continued its winning streak, and is now firmly in the Top 20.

One of the leading characters on TV's Nashville was named Scarlett O'Connor.

# 17 in the US

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Scarlett Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Scarlett Popularity

Famous People Named Scarlett

  • Scarlett Ingrid JohanssonAmerican actress
  • Scarlett Noel PomersAmerican actress
  • Scarlett ThomasEnglish novelist
  • Scarlett WernerGerman tennis player
  • Scarlett Bordeauxring name of Elizabeth Chihaia, American pro wrestler
  • Scarlett Hannah ByrneBritish actress
  • Scarlett EstevezAmerican child model & actress
  • Scarlett Rae Mercer (b. 1997)daughter of actor Ian Mercer
  • Scarlett Murray (b. 1999)daughter of comedian Al Murray
  • Scarlett Teresa White (b. 2006)daughter of musician Jack White and model Karen Elson
  • Scarlett Annette Turrentine (b. 2007)daughter of actress Reagan Gomez,Preston and model DeWayne Turrentine
  • Scarlett Allen (b. 2008)daughter of TV chef Rachel Allen and Isaac Allen
  • Scarlett Rose Pinder (b. 2008)daughter of actors Stephanie Chambers and Steven Pinder
  • Scarlett Jacqueline Thomas (b. 2008)daughter of actors Tina O'Brien and Ryan Thomas
  • Scarlett Lyric Cheney (b. 2008)daughter of singer Chris Cheney
  • Scarlett Marie Boardman (b. 2010)daughter of actors Lee Boardman and Jennifer Jones
  • Scarlett Avery Bigelow (b. 2012)daughter of actress Elisa Donovan and Charlie Bigelow
  • Scarlett King (b. 2012)daughter of musicians Darren King and Stacey DuPree
  • Scarlett Rose Coyne (b. 2013)daughter of model Tiffany Coyne
  • Scarlett Elizabeth Gardner (b. 2014)one of the four Gardner quadruplets
  • Scarlett Ruth Dokke (b. 2015)daughter of singer Mallary Hope and Ryan Dokke
  • Scarlett May Stuber (b. 2015)daughter of model Molly Sims and Scott Stuber
  • Scarlett Rae Vasconcelos (b. 2017)daughter of soccer player Michele Vasconcelos
  • Scarlett Everleigh Morrow (b. 2019)daughter of YouTuber BritneyandBaby

Scarlett in Pop Culture

  • (Katie) Scarlett O'Haramain character in Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With The Wind"
  • Scarlett Mary Nichollscharacter on British soap "Emmerdale"
  • Scarlett Thomascharacter in "Someone Like You" by Sarah Dessen
  • Scarlett O'Connorcharacter on TV's "Nashville"
  • Scarlett Lowecharacter in "American Horror Story: Hotel"
  • Scarlett Northonmain character in "Four Truths and a Lie" by Lauren Barnholdt
  • Scarlett Adamscharacter in the Power of Five series by Anthony Horowitz
  • Scarlett Carlylecharacter on Australian TV's "SLiDE"
  • Scarlettcharacter in the G.I. Joe series
  • Scarlett Jonescharacter in The Aurora Cycle series
  • Scarlettheroic American mother cat
  • Scarlett Dunncharacter on Backstage
  • Scarlett WitchMarvel avenger
  • Scarlett Dragomirmain character in Stephanie Garber's Caraval Series

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