"the son of the bailiff"

Grayson Origin and Meaning

The name Grayson is a boy's name of English origin meaning "the son of the bailiff".

Grayson, which you might think of as a Jason-Mason substitute, has been rising through the US Top 1000 since 1984 and has ranked in the Top 100 since 2011.

That makes Grayson a modern classic boys' name, with both a sober buttoned-up feel as well as an unconventional masculine vibe. Grayson might plausibly be a banker or an artist, and its resemblance to its female counterpart Grace gives it a feminist gloss.

Grayson's biggest problem, if you consider it one, is its persistent, widespread popularity. The Greyson spelling also ranks highly in the US and throughout the English-speaking world, and a wide range of alternative spellings including Gracen, Gracyn, and Greysun have sprung up for baby girls and boys.

Last year, about 11,000 baby boys in the US were named Grayson and Greyson alone, as many s were named William or Henry, making it a solidly Top 10 name.

# 44 in the US

Grayson Rank in US Top 1000

# 224 on Nameberry

Grayson Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Grayson Popularity

Famous People Named Grayson

  • Grayson RussellAmerican actor
  • Grayson Bailey DolanViner and Youtuber; twin brother Ethan
  • Grayson BoucherAmerican streetball player and actor
  • Grayson PerryEnglish ceramic artist
  • Grayson HughAmerican singer,songwriter
  • Grayson HartAmerican rugby union player
  • Grayson AllenAmerican college basketball player
  • Grayson Mokarow (b. 2000)son of former Miss USA Courtney Gibbs and Kevin Mokarow
  • Grayson Gallanders (b. 2010)son of actors Stacie Mistysyn and James Gallanders
  • Grayson George Osmond (b. 2013)son of Jason Osmond; grandson of musician Jay Osmond of The Osmonds
  • Grayson Lee Bazyl Guess (b. 2015)son of model Marisa Miller and Griffin Guess
  • Grayson Vincent Gnoffo (b. 2016)son of actor Joe Gnoffo and reality TV star Terra Jole Gnoffo
  • Grayson Robert Guiney (b. 2018)son of American TV host Bob Guiney

Grayson in Pop Culture

  • Grayson Thanecharacter in Nora Robert's "Born in Ice," and "Born in Shame;" mystery novel writer with a troubled past, but with a good soul
  • Grayson Kennedya character in Kelly Oram's "The Avery Shaw Experiment"
  • Grayson Ellischaracter on the TV show 'Cougar Town.'
  • Grayson "Gray" Piercecharacter in James Rollins's "Sigma Force" series
  • Grayson Gilbertcharacter on TV's "The Vampire Diaries"
  • Grayson Kent. love interest of Jane on TV's "Drop Dead Diva"
  • Graysonsurname of corrupt socialite family on TV's "Revenge"
  • "Will GraysonWill Grayson,' novel by John Green and David Levithan about two young men with the same first and last name
  • Dick Grayson aka RobinBatman's sidekick
  • Grayson Waverlycharacter in Page Morgan's "The Dispossessed" trilogy

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