"from the western town"

Weston Origin and Meaning

The name Weston is a boy's name of English origin meaning "from the western town".

Weston has gone from being a Jane Austenish British surname to a first name with a relaxed American western cowboy feel. Along with other trendy 'n'-ending boys’ names, Weston is rising in popularity, and is now more popular than ever, ranking in the Top 100 since 2021.

Weston also has a glimmer of creative appeal via its connection to the great photographer Edward Weston. Nicolas Cage chose Weston for his son back in 1990, when it was much more unusual; The Office's Jenna Fischer used it for her baby more recently.

More than 4000 baby boys were named Weston last year. Cousin name Easton is also popular.

# 75 in the US

Weston Rank in US Top 1000

# 239 on Nameberry

Weston Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Weston Popularity

Famous People Named Weston

  • Weston Andrew Valleau PriceAmerican dentist and researcher
  • Weston Edward "Wes" VivianU.S. Congressman from Michigan
  • Ezra Weston Loomis PoundAmerican poet
  • (Raoul) Weston La BarreAmerican anthropologist
  • Weston "Seth" KelseyAmerican fencer
  • (Alexander) Weston JarvisBritish MP and soldier
  • Weston Henry StewartAnglican Archdeacon
  • Weston OchseAmerican novelist
  • Weston Miller FultonAmerican meteorologist
  • Weston Woollard AdamsAmerican hockey executive
  • Weston "Wes" LuntAmerican NFL player
  • Weston BurtAmerican country music singer
  • Weston DresslerCanadian CFL player
  • Weston DuPreeAmerican drummer of band Eisley
  • Weston Lewis GosaAmerican reality TV personality ("16 and Pregnant")
  • Porter Weston RobinsonAmerican electronic music producer
  • Weston Coppola Cage (b. 1990)son of actor Nicolas Cage
  • Weston Robert Yount (b. 2006)son of newscaster Erica Hill
  • Weston Owen Gosa Jr.(b. 2009), son of Whitney Purvis and Weston Gosa of TV's "16 and Pregnant"
  • Weston Lee Kirk (b. 2011)son of actress Jenna Fischer

Weston in Pop Culture

  • Michael Westoncharacter on "Burn Notice"
  • Weston Ludovicocharacter from "100 Days of Sunlight" by Abbie Emmons