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Ivy Origin and Meaning

The name Ivy is a girl's name of English origin.

The quirky, offbeat and energetic botanical name Ivy is enjoying a deserved revival, propelled even higher by its choice by high-profile parents Beyonce and Jay-Z for daughter Blue Ivy. Ivy is also traditionally used at Christmas, make this one of the perfect names for December babies.

Ivy is derived from the name of the ivy plant, which got its name from the Old English word ifig. Ancient Greeks presented an ivy wreath to newlyweds as a symbol of fidelity. In the language of flowers, Ivy signifies faithfulness.

British novelist Ivy Compton-Burnett is a notable namesake and Ivy Baker Priest served as U.S. Secretary of Treasury. Another association is the prestigious Ivy League.

Ivy has been a favorite of scriptwriters—she's appeared on everything from 90210 to Gossip Girl, Dollhouse to Downton Abbey, and is the name of a 1970's American Girl doll.

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Ivy Popularity

Famous People Named Ivy

  • Ivy ComptonBurnett, English novelist
  • Ivy Lynn Epstein 'Ivy Austin' American actress
  • Ivystage name of Park Eun Hye, South Korean pop singer
  • Ivy AlvarezFilipino Australian poet
  • Ivy DukeEnglish actress
  • Ivy MatsepeCasaburri, South African politician
  • Ivy Baker Priestformer U.S. Treasurer
  • Ivy QuainooGerman pop singer
  • Ivy ScottAustralian,American actress
  • Ivy St. Helier (born Ivy Janet Aitchison)British actress
  • Ivy TresmandEnglish singer and actress
  • Ivy TroutmanAmerican actress
  • Ivy Lilian WallaceEnglish actress, author and illustrator
  • Ivy Evelyn Annie WedgwoodAustralian Senator
  • Ivy CavendishBentinck, Duchess of Portland, founder of the Harley Foundation
  • Ivy Williamsfirst English woman barrister
  • Ivy Jo HunterAmerican male songwriter and record producer
  • Ivy Wintersstage name of Dustin Winters, American drag queen on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 5
  • Ivy Withrow (b. 1993)daughter of actors Hallie Todd and Glenn Withrow
  • Ivy Gray (b. 2001)daughter of singer David Gray
  • Ivy Nightingale Russo (b. 2006)daughter of singers Nina Gordon and Jeff Russo
  • Ivy Lola Malloy (b. 2009)daughter of actress Jessica Leccia
  • Ivy Jefferson (b. 2009)daughter of singers Lisa Brokop and Paul Jefferson
  • Ivy Elizabeth Schur (b. 2010)daughter of producer J.J. Philbin and Michael Schur; granddaughter of TV host Regis Philbin
  • Isabel Veronica "Ivy" Mulroney (b. 2013)daughter of Ben and Jessica Mulroney
  • Ivy Mae Warner (b. 2014)daughter of cricketer David Warner
  • Ivy Siegert (b. 2016)daughter of TV chef Nikki Dinki and Evan Siegert
  • Ivy Jane Kane (b. 2017)daughter of footballer Harry Kane
  • Blue Ivy Carter (b. 2012)daughter of singer Beyonce Knowles and rapper Jay,Z
  • Ivy Jane Seewald (b. 2019)daughter of Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald.

Ivy in Pop Culture

  • Poison IvyBatman villain also known as Pamela Isley
  • Ivy Wilsonmale character in John Steinbeck's "The Grapes of Wrath"
  • Ivy Lynncharacter on TV's "Smash"
  • Professor Ivycharacter in the Pokemon anime
  • Ivycharacter on TV's "Gilmore Girls"
  • Ivy Lextonmain character in Marie Belloc Lowndes' book "The Story of Ivy"
  • Ivy Sullivancharacter on TV's "90210"
  • Ivy Dickenscharacter in the Gossip Girl series
  • Ivy Vegacharacter in 'My Sister the Vampire'
  • Ivy Wentzcharacter on TV's "Good Luck Charlie"
  • Ivy Locklearcharacter in movie "Red"
  • Ivy Lingcharacter in the American Girl doll series
  • Ivy Westoncharacter in play/film "August: Osage County"
  • Isabella "Ivy" Valentinecharacter in the Soul Calibur video game series
  • Ivycharacter on TV's "Dollhouse"
  • Ivycharacter in "Entwined" by Heather Dixon
  • Ivy Robinsoncharacter in musical "Bare: A Pop Opera"
  • Ivymain character in 1992 movie "Poison Ivy"
  • Ivy Stuartcharacter on TV's "Downton Abbey"
  • Ivy Elizabeth Walkercharacter in movie "The Village"
  • Ivy Peppercat character in web comic "Lackadaisy"
  • "Ivy"song by Frank Ocean
  • Ivycharacter in "Ivy + Bean," children's book series by Annie Barrows
  • Ivy Alisha Tamwoodcharacter in The Hollows book series by Kim Harrison
  • Ivy Dalycharacter in the "From The Files of Madison Finn" book series
  • Ivya Fox from "Zelda & Ivy: The Runaways," children's book by Laura McGee Kvasnosky; sister Zelda
  • Ivypoolcharacter in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter
  • Ivy Belfreycharacter on "Once Upon a Time"
  • The Holly and the Ivytraditional British Christmas carol
  • Ivyfeline familiar in the webcomic "Never Satisfied" by Taylor Robin

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