mee-LAN; MEE-lan; MILL-an
Italian place name, Slavic, Sanskrit "gracious, dear; union"
"gracious, dear; union"

Milan Origin and Meaning

The name Milan is a boy's name of Slavic origin meaning "gracious, dear; union".

As Mila rises for girls, so Milan is becoming a more popular option for boys, especially after singer Shakira chose it for her son. After a 55-year hiatus, it reentered the Top 1000 in 2013 and is heading dramatically upward.

Milan has been a Top 10 name for boys in The Netherlands and Hungary, as well as making the Top 20 in Belgium. A famous literary namesake is Czech writer Milan Kundera, author of The Unbearable Lightness of Being. In America, it is a solidly unisex name whose usage is no doubt also inspired by the stylish Italian city of the same name.

# 230 in the US

Milan Rank in US Top 1000

# 644 on Nameberry

Milan Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Milan Popularity

Famous People Named Milan

  • Milan BegovicCroatian writer
  • Milan IKing of Serbia
  • Milan BabuskaCzech architect
  • Milan BarosCzech football (soccer) player
  • Milan BezdekCzech Roman Catholic priest, prelate of His Holiness
  • Milan BoksaCzech soccer coach, methodologies and official
  • Milan CimfeCzech bass guitar player
  • Milan Creightonformer American football coach
  • Milan DrobnyCzech singer
  • Milan DufekCzech singer
  • Milan EllederCzech physician and professor of pathology
  • Milan FrydaCzech football (soccer) player
  • Milan FukalCzech football (soccer) player
  • Milan HarvalikCzech linguist
  • Milan HejdukCzech ice hockey player
  • Milan HlavsaCzech bass guitar player
  • Milan HodzaSlovak politician, Prime minister of Czechoslovakia
  • Milan ChalupaCzech ice hockey player
  • Milan ChladilCzech singer
  • Milan IvanaSlovak football (soccer) player
  • Milan JovanovicSerbian football (soccer) player
  • Milan KangrgaCroatian philosopher
  • Milan KnazkoSlovak actor and politician
  • Milan KnizakCzech politician and artist
  • Milan KomarSlovene philosopher
  • Milan KucanSlovene politician, President of Slovenia
  • Milan KunderaCzech writer (The Unbearable Lightness of Being)
  • Milan LasicaSlovak actor and writer
  • Milan LucicCanadian (born Serbian) NHL hockey player
  • Milan LuhovyCzech football (soccer) player
  • Milan MacalaCzech soccer coach
  • Milan MachovecCzech philosopher
  • Milan MarkovicSlovak humorist, actor and presenter
  • Milan MichalekCzech ice hockey player
  • Milan MladenovicSerbian musician
  • Milan MunclingerCzech musician
  • Milan NakonecnyCzech psychologist
  • Milan Obrenovic IIPrince of Serbia
  • Milan OrlowskiCzech table tennis player
  • Milan PeroutkaCzech singer
  • Milan PirocanacSerbian politician and lawyer
  • Milan Pavlovicretired Serbian footballer
  • Milan PavlovicBosnian actor
  • Milan Rastislav StefanikSlovak politician, general and astronomer
  • Milan ResetarCroatian linguist and historian
  • Milan SpalekCzech bass guitar player
  • Milan SrejberCzech tennis player
  • Milan StankovicSerbian singer
  • Milan SteindlerCzech actor and director
  • Milan StojadinovicSerbian politician, lawyer and economist
  • Milan SufflayCroatian historian and politician
  • Milan UhdeCzech writer, playwright and politician
  • Milan UzelacSerbian poet and essayist
  • Milan VukmirovicSerbian,French fashion photographer, stylist and designer; co,founder of the famous French store Colette
  • Milan Rushdie (b. 1997)son of novelist Salman Rushdie
  • Milan Pique Mebarak (2013)son of singer Shakira & footballer Gerard Pique

Milan in Pop Culture

  • MilanItaly (Population: 1.3 million)
  • Milan Hendrickxcharacter on TV's 'WTFock'