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Genesis Origin and Meaning

The name Genesis is a girl's name .

GENESIS With the sounds of Jennifer and Alexis, and the vibes of Eden and Serenity, Genesis is a Biblical inspired choice that has been popular in the US since the 2000’s.

Derived from Greek, Genesis means “birth” or “origin” and is the name of the first book in the Bible, describing the creation of the world, the fall of Adam and Eve, and Noah and the flood.

This association could give the name a strong, powerful, and significant feeling, and may work for parents who want a Biblical name, but dislike the well-worn classics, such as Sarah or Mary.

Alternatively, it does have the secular connotations of simply meaning the beginning of something, which may appeal to anyone hoping for a fresh start or a new chapter.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the name is a hidden gem, however. Or rather, don’t, if you happen to live in the US. Genesis has ranked in the Top 1000 since 1988 and entered the Top 100 in the late 2000’s, where it has remained ever since.

Peaking at #55 in 2013, Genesis is given to over 3000 girls every year, and to more than 200 boys, putting it on par with the likes of Sophie, Audrey, and Claire.

Outside of the US though, Genesis is only popular in Chile and Mexico, meaning across the rest of the globe, it still holds sway as an unexpected option, or an update on Jennifer or Genevieve.

Notable bearers include American actress Genesis Rodriguez and Bermudian singer and actress, Genesis Lynea. Viola Davis has a daughter named Genesis, and fans of rock music may associate it with the band of the same name.

With its distinctive but familiar sounds, Genesis is a popular choice among Christian parents who want a non-traditional baby name. It fits in perfectly with other more contemporary Biblical choices, like Eden, Nevaeh, or Delilah, and seems set to stay in the Top US 100 for now?

Is there something you love about Genesis but want to explore other options (or just avoid nickname Gen)? You could try Journey, Dove, Amity, Damaris, or Anastasia.

# 57 in the US

Genesis Rank in US Top 1000

Genesis Popularity

Famous People Named Genesis

  • Genesis RodriguezAmerican actress
  • Genesis MossAmerican reality TV personality from MTV's Real World: Boston
  • Genesis Victoria Carpio (b. 2008)a sextuplet on TV's "Sextuplets Take New York"
  • Genesis Alexa Gutierrez (b. 2010)daughter of Felicia Cooke and Alex Gutierrez of "16 and Pregnant"
  • Genesis Tennon (adopted 2011)daughter of American actress Viola Davis
  • Genesis Lopez (b. 1993) Half BrazilianHalf Japanese, Fitness Model, Instagram Model, full name is
  • Genesis Mia Lopezshe also goes by the names Geniva, & Miss Genii

Genesis in Pop Culture

  • Genesisfirst book in The Bible
  • GenesisEnglish rock band
  • Sega Genesis16,bit home video game console system, also known as the Mega Drive